Minutes Wed 16 Jan 1907

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Wed 16 Jan 1907


Mr Ward’s proposal to rent 60 sq yards of Stonehouse Wharf not accepted. Company’s tenants there, Messrs Dickinson, Prosser & Cox, objected to weigh his railway borne coal. Mr Ward may get Staffordshire coal by water. Entitled to use of wharf as a trader and service of weighbridge at 1d per ton.
Chairman had written to County Chairman, Sir J E Dorington, re conveyance by water of slag used on roads. Sir John had called attention of surveyor to the matter and to using canals if practicable for road stone.
Correspondence with Ocean Guarantee Corporation re accident to F White, 29 October and conversation with Bristol agent, Mr J McFarlane, 15 January. Intention to advise payment by his Directors of 9 weeks at half wages (8s) Company had given him, say £3 12s.
In all cases of accident, more or less serious, notice to be given by Clerk to insurance company immediately such comes to his knowledge. Mr Snape to express appreciation of liberal view taken of matter.
Notice from Mr H Lambourn, terminating his tenancy of the warehouse and other buildings he rents from Company on Wallbridge Wharf from 25 March. Mr Snape had advertised previous week in Stroud Journal.
Messrs Smith & Son had deducted £2 18s from rent for Christmas quarter of Ship Inn, compensation as per scale from £10, first year of extended lease.
Messrs Dickinson, Prosser & Cox, tenants at Stonehouse Wharf, wished to further rent say 50 sq yards of yard near the railway level at suggested 20s p.a. Mr Snape to arrange it but at rent more like 1s per yard paid by other tenants.
Completion of a small punt for use of tidesman at Framilode Lock.

Verbatim text

[2907 January] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 16^th day of January 1907 @ 4.15pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr F A Little, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr W Davies, Mr W J Stanton, Mr E P Little
Mr Whittingham, Solicitor, in attendance.
[Mr Ward land at Stonehouse] The Clerk reported, in reference to Mr Ward's proposal to rent 60 sq yards of Stonehouse Wharf, that, as the Company's Tenants there, Messrs Dickinson Prosser & Cox objected to weigh his railway borne coal he had relinquished the idea. Mr Ward may see his way to get Staffordshire coal by _water_, in which case he would be entitled to the use of the Wharf as a trader, and also to the service of the weighbridge at 1^d per ton.
[Stone traffic Glos C C Chairmans lettter to County Chairman] The Chairman reported having written to the County Chairman, Si J C Dorington, as requested at the last Meeting, in reference to the conveyance by water of 'Slag' used on the roads, and read to the Committee his reply. Sir John had called the attention of the Surveyor to the matter, as also to the using of the canals as far as practicable, for Road Stone.
[re F Whites injury 'Ocean Guarantee Corporation'] Mr Snape reported his correspondence with the 'Ocean Guarantee Corporation' in reference to the accident to F White on October 29, and also a conversation with the Bristol Agent, Mr J M^cFarlane, who had called at the Office the previous day (Jan 15). Mr McFarlane had expressed his satisfaction with the correspondence, and his intention to advise the payment by his Directors of the 9 weeks at half wages (8^s/) which the Company had given F White say £3..12..0.
[Future cases of accident] The Committee resolved That it be an instruction to the Clerk that in all future cases of accident, whether more or less serious, _notice_ be given by him to the Insurance Company immediately such comes to his knowledge.
[Acknowledge Cheque £3..12..0] The Committee also instructed Mr Snape, in acknowledgement of the Cheque, when received, to take occasion to express their appreciation of the liberal view they had taken of the matter.
[Mr H Lambourn notice terminating his tenancy of the Warehouse Wallbridge] The Clerk presented a Notice, date December 21, from Mr H Lambourn, terminating his tenancy of the Warehouse and other Buildings he rents of the Company on the Wallbridge Wharf, on March 25 prox.
Mr Snape had already advertised it, the previous week, in the 'Stroud Journal', and the Committee gave him directions as to further advertising, as might be necessary.
[Messrs Smith & Son re Ship Inn] The Clerk reported that Messrs Smith & Son, in paying the Rent for the Christmas quarter of the 'Ship Inn' had deducted £2..18..0 compensation, as per scale for the year from the £10..- this being the first year of the intended Lease (14 years).
[Dickinson Prosser & Cox land at Stonehouse] Messrs Dickinson Prosser & Cox, tenants at Stonehouse Wharf, having expressed a wish to further rent a corner of the yard (say 50 sq yards) near the railway line, for which the suggested 20^s/ a year. Mr Snape was directed to see them and endeavour to arrange it, but at a rent more like the 1^s/- p yard paid by other tenants.
[Punt for tidesman at Framilode] Mr Snape reported the completion of a small punt, provided for the use of the 'tidesman' at the Framilode Lock.

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