Minutes Wed 23 Oct 1907

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Wed 23 Oct 1907


Messrs E J, T Ward & Son paid 5s for wooden office to 29 September 1908.
Personal offer by Mr Sawyer of Cheltenham Billposting Co of £10 per annum, paying rates for wall spaces now rented at £7 or £12, Canal Company paying rates, paying quarterly and quarter’s notice. £12 accepted. Expense to be shared with tenants.
Telephone poles numbers not on Stroudwater Navigation ground and rest, 71, paid for at 1s each annually.
Clerk to write to Mr Colchester-Wemyss for draft agreement on fishing rights.
Correspondence between Company’s solicitors and Mr C H Riseley on r4esponsibility of Lloyd’s Underwriters in connexion with Workmen’s Compensation Insurance Policy.
Chairman to remind Mr S S Marling of promise to repair boundary wall of Messrs Marling & Co’s cottage gardens at Ryeford. Loose stones frequently thrown in canal.
Harold James Clifford Stanton and Francis Henry Guy Stanton claimed share no.156, will of Louisa Loveday Stanton.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 23^rd day of October 1907 @ 4.15pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr P J Evans, Mr E P Little, Mr F A Little, Mr W J Stanton, Mr W Davies
Mr Whittingham, Solicitor, in attendance.
[Survey items attended to Mr Ward paid 5/-] The Clerk reported attention given to the various items named in the report of the recent 'Survey' of the Canal, including the repair and remetalling of Ebley Bridge, He also stated that Messrs E T Ward & Son had paid 5^s/ for occupation on Stonehouse Wharf, by their Wooden Office, to September 29 1908.
[Cheltenham Bill Posting C^o] The Clerk reported a personal offer by Mr Sawyer of the 'Cheltenham Bill Posting Company' of £10..- p annum _paying Rates_, for hte wall spaces they now rent of the Company for £7 or £13..- p annum the Canal Company paying Rates, paying quarterly & subject to quarter's notice. At it appears these spaces are _not_ hitherto rated, it was decided to accept the £12..- and say that should they hereafter be, the question of Rates must be a matter of further consideration.
The expense of the new agreement to be shared equally with the Tenants, Mr Snape to convey this to Mr Sawyer.
[Telephone Posts on Towing Path] The Clerk submitted a numerical account of the Telephone Poles lately erected by the National Telephone Company, showing the 'numbers' in the series, which are place _not_ on Stroudwater Navigation ground, and the rest (71) paid for, at 1^s/- each, annually.
[Fishing in Canal (draft Agr^t)] The Clerk reported that he had had no further communication on the subject of the 'Fishing', from Mr Colchester Wemyss since his letter of September 23, and he was directed to write to him and say he would be glad to hear so as to get a draft agreement arranged before the next meeting of this Committee.
[Workmens Insurance Lloyds Underwriters] A correspondence was read by the Chairman between the Company's Solicitors and Mr C H Risley, on the question of the responsibility of Lloyds underwriters in connexion with the Workmens Compensation Insurance Policy, the former considering his explanation satisfactory.
[Wall at Ryeford] The Chairman was requested to write to Mr S S Marling reminding him of a promise to repair the boundary wall of Messrs Marling and C^os cottage gardens at Ryeford, the loose stones of which are frequently thrown into the Canal.
[Claim of Share N^o 156] Ferdinand Sanford Whittingham of Stroud in the County of Gloucester, Solicitor attended under the written authority of Harold James Clifford Stanton of N^o 6 Falkland House, Cheriston Gardens, in the County of London, Captain on the Reserve, and Francis Henry Guy Stanton of N^0 303 Eglington Road Woolwich, in the County of London, Major in the Royal Artillery, executors of the Will of Louisa Loveday Stanton of the Leaze, Stonehouse, in the County of Gloucester Widow, deceased (who died on the 24^th day of May 1907 at the Leaze aforesaid) and who at the time of her death held one share in the Company of Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation N^o 156, and now standing in the name of Louisa Loveday Stanton aforesaid, deceased in the Books of the said Company and made out their claim by producing the ticket or title to the said one share and the Probate of the Will the said Will bearing date 26^th day of January 1907 and proved by the said Executors in the District Probate Registry of His Majesty's High Court of Justice at Gloucester on the 8^th day of July 1907, and the claim was admitted accordingly and a new ticket or title ordered to be made out on the ticket or title of the said share being delivered up.

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