Minutes Wed 18 Mar 1908

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Wed 18 Mar 1908


Mr S Hopson declined tenancy at £25. Business not yet sufficient to justify it. Offer of trial of one year at £20 accepted. £6 for lower floor of Wallbridge Warehouse and £14 for upper floor.
Gas Co to pay £27 10s p.a. and £3 16s 8d for repairs to planking to the Gas Works Bridge.
Complaint from Messrs Apperly Curtis & Co. Letter from Sir Alfred Apperly. Impure water coming at intervals in supply taken at Dudbridge Mills from canal were coming from Painswick Stream into which it flowed from Messrs Townsends Soap works when certain tanks were emptied. Representation direct from Messrs Apperly to Messrs Townsend.
£150 towards deficit on Thames & Severn Canal, Act 1895.

Verbatim text

[1908 March] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 18^th day of March 1908 @ 4.15pm
Present: Mr C H Hooper Chairman, Mr F A Little, Mr W Davies, Mr P J Evans, Mr E P Little, Mr A J M Ball, Sir W H Marling Bart
Mr Whittingham, Solicitor, in attendance.
[Wallbridge Warehouse Mr Hopson] The Chairman reported that as desired he had endeavoured to arrange with Mr S Hopson for a tenancy of the entire Wallbridge Warehouse, for a term of years, but he had declined, as not year seeing his business sufficient to justify it. He had the offered it to him for _one year_ from March 25^th at his proposed Rent of £20..- by way of a trial, and he had accepted this, in a letter that was read i.e. £6..- for the _lower_ Warehouse (in addition to the £14..- for the upper floor that he already rents) payable quarterly and Mr Hopson paying the Rates. The Committee approved this, and Mr Whittingham took his letter for stamping.
[Gas Mains] The Clerk produced an acknowledgement by the Secretary of the Stroud Gas Company, of his letter of Feby 27 conveying the decision of the Committee at its last meeting, to require in future the full Statutory Rent for the Gas mains under the towpaths of £5..- p mile of pipe. Mr E P Little, as a Member of the Board of the Gas Company, reported that Mr Snape's letter had been placed before it, and that though they did not understand the length of pipe to be as much as recorded, they would pay the £27..10..0 p annum.
[Gas Works Bridge] The Clerk reported that £3..16..8 paid for repairs (replanking) to the Gas Works Bridge, and in conformity with the Agreement, and usual practice, he had sent the Gas Company a bill for the half of this (£1..18..4).
[Water supply Messrs Apperly & Curtis Ltd] The Chairman mentioned a complaint from Messrs Apperly Curtis & C^o (in a letter from Sir Alfred Apperly) of impure water coming at intervals in the supply take at Dudbridge Mills from the canal. Mr Snape said he had traced this as coming from the Painswick Stream, into which it flowed from Messrs Townsends Soap Word when certain tanks were occasionally emptied.
The Committee considered the matter, and instructed the Clerk to reply to Messrs Apperly informing them of the result of the enquiries they had made, and suggesting a representation from them direct to Messrs Townsend.
[Thames & Severn Canal £150..-] In response to an application from the County Council for the annual contribution (£150) to the 30^th Sept 1907, due by this Company towards the deficit on the Thames and Severn Canal under Act 1895, a cheque was signed for that amount.
[Next Meeting] Ordered that the next Committee Meeting be held on Wednesday the 22^nd day of April 1908 @ 4.15pm and the General Half Yearly Meeting on the same day at 4.45pm.

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