Minutes Thu 6 Sep 1832

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Thu 6 Sep 1832


Special Meeting. Letter from Messrs Maclean, Stephens and Co on state of Ryeford Bridge and road over it. Accident to a loaded wagon of Messrs Tanner and Baylis. Deputation to be sent.

Verbatim text

At a Special Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Walbridge on Thursday the 6^th Sep^r 1832
Present: D^r Darke, M^r Jos Fisher, M^r S Fisher, M^r Wyatt, M^r Cosham, M^r T C Croome, M^r Grazebrook, M^R P H Fisher.
A Letter of the date of the 21^st of August last having been received from Mess^rs Maclean Stephens & Company on the subject of the state of the Ryeford Bridge & the Road over the same & the accident which has lately happened to a loaded Waggon of Mess^rs Turned & Baylis.
Ordered that the following Gentlemen that is to say D^r Darke, M^r Wyatt, M^r Croome, M^r Cosham, M^R Geo Wathen M^r J F Fisher, M^r P H Fisher & M^R S Fisher or any three or more of them be a deputation to meet Mess^rs Maclean, Stephens & C^o on these subjects.

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