Minutes Wed 15 Apr 1936

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Wed 15 Apr 1936


No quorum, only four members being present.
L M S Railway Co informed Navigation did not object to the fencing being erected provided rights of Navigation dated November 1866 not affected.
Conversation between the Clerk and Marling and Evans was reported. Marling and Evans were willing to meet the cost of repairing the towpath but wished the Navigation to do the work. The Clerk had asked whether Marling and Evans wished to continue to carry coal from the wharf to their coal yard; if they did an agreement would have to be drawn up.
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Land Drainage Act 1930, South Gloucestershire Internal Drainage: Clerk reported that the part of the Canal from Framilode to the lock at Westfield, Eastington and from Lodgemoor Mills to Wallbridge to be included in the survey.
Canal Association relieved Company of share of levy for year ended 30 June 1935.
Mr Greenway’s estimate of £3 10s for repairs to lean-to shed at Framilode Lock house accepted.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 15^th day of April 1936 @ 4o'clock pm
Present: W R Bloxam, Marcus Stewart, Henry R Hooper, R J C Little.
Only four members of the Committee being present there was no Quorum but there being some matters requiring immediate attention it was decided to proceed with them subject to confirmation by the next Committee.
Cheltenham and District Bill Posting Coy
In accordance with Minute of last Meeting the Bill Posting Company had been informed that the wall had been completed, also of the Company's offer to allow 10/- off the next rent payable in June. They had replied asking for the matter to be left in abeyance for M^r (?) attention.
Stonehouse Wharf: Fencing
The London Midland & Scottish Railway Coy had been informed that the Navigation had no objection to the fencing being erected provided the erection of the fence will not effect the rights of the Navigation recorded on the Agreement with the Railway Company of November 1866.
West Gloucester Power C^oy: Agreement
The Clerk reported that he had signed the Agreement with the Power Company for certain wayleaves at Framilode.
Board of Trade re Production Act
Nothing to report.
Gas Works Bridge - Renewal
The Clerk was directed to ask the Stroud Urban Council for a reply to the Company's letter of 10^th March last.
Messrs Marling & Evans: Towing Path next Ebley Mills
The Chairman had settled a letter for the Clerk to send to Messrs Marling & Evans to which they had not replied but the Clerk had received a telephone message asking for an estimate for the repair of the Towing path and asking the Navigation to carry out the work. He was directed to inform them that it was impossible to give any Estimate of the cost of repairing the towing path and to enquire whether it was their wish to obtain the Company's permission to use the towing path for the purpose of conveying coal from their bridge into their coal yard as if so a formal Agreement between this Company and theirs would have to be entered into and an appropriate rent paid according to the extent of such. The Chairman undertook to settle a letter for the Clerk to send to Messrs Marling & Evans.
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries: Land Drainage Act 1930: South Gloucestershire Internal Drainage.
The Clerk reported that he had seen the map at Thornbury, the separate Drainage board District referred to included the canal from Framilode to the Lock at Westfield, Eastington and from Lodgemoor Mills to Eastington. The area is to be rated to meet expenses of the Board. The Stroudwater Canal is not on the rate book. The District is to be surveyed and the watercourses noted.
Canal Association Subscription. The Association had Resolved that the Company should be relieved from the payment of their share of the levy for the year ended 30^th June last. The Clerk was instructed to thank the Association for its letter. Shed at Framilode Lock House M^r Greenway's estimate £3.10.0 for the repair of a lean-to shed at the Lock house was accepted.
Canal Association: Bridges
The Chairman undertook to settle a letter for the Clerk to send to the Association.
Jany 1^st 1936 to April 15^th 1936: 17..8..10
Jany 1^st 1935 to April 15^th 1935: 20..9..6.
For the month of March 1936: 5..9..3
For the month of March 1935: 7..19..1.
1936: 413..16..7
1935: 384..1..8.
Cheques drawn:
Committee fees: 1..12..6
W. Frederik, Fuel: 1..10..0
Q.A.B. Eastington & (Framilode) Saul: 2..14..0
James & Owen Stationery: 1..5..6

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