Minutes Wed 19 Oct 1938

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Wed 19 Oct 1938


Company solicitor’s had written to Langley Smith & Sons re Mr Parkers field.
Company had no observations to make on the Canal Association’s paper of Control of Canals in Emergency.
The Company agreed to sell a small piece of land at Dudbridge to Copeland Chatterson Co Ltd, namely a small portion of the backyard of Lock Cottages.

Verbatim text

[1938 Oct 19] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 19^th day of October 1938 @ 4 o'clock pm
Present: W R Bloxam, Henry R Hooper, Stanley Marling.
There being only three Members of the Committee present there was no quorum, but there being some matters requiring immediate attention it was decided to proceed with them subject to confirmation by the next Committee.
Rents unpaid, M^r Palmer
The Clerk reported that M^r Palmer had paid rent for the quarter year commencing 24^th June last but had not paid for the quarter due in advance, to 25/12/38.
Framilode Property, Garden fence
The Clerk reported that the garden fence had been erected and other repairs carried out to the cottage roof and outbuildings let to M^r Byard. The roof of the Warehouse had had attention.
West Gloucestershire Power C^oy, Easements of Poles & wires at Dudbridge on land leased by Messrs Jackson
The Chairman reported that the Commpanys Solicitors had written Messrs Jackson & Coy and they had replied stating that under the circumstances they had no objection to this proposal. The Agreement had been retured to the Power C^oy for completion.
Canal at Whitminster, M^r Parkers field
The Chairman stated that the Company's Solicitors had written to Messrs Langley Smith & Sons, and read the letter, to which no reply had been received.
Canal Association: Control o Canals in Emergency
The Chairman read a letter from the Association, after discussion the Committee directed the Clerk to reply that they had no observations to make thereon.
The Copeland Chatterson Company Ltd, Land at Dudbridge
The Committee agreed to sell to The Copeland Chatterson Company Ltd a small portion of the back yard of the Lock Cottages at Dudbridge provided a suitable purchase price could be agreed. M^r Hooper undertook to meet a representative of the Company on the spot and report to the Chairman.
Tonnage £ s d
July 1/38 to Oct 19/38: 11..17..3
July 1/37 to Oct 19/37: 16..13..4.
Month of September 1938: 3..7..0
Month of September 1937: 3..5..2.
Cash at Lloyds Bank Stroud
1938: 91..0..5
1937: 42..13..7.
Cheques drawn:
Committee expenses: 1..12..6
The Postmaster General, Telephone: 2..7..6
James & Owen, Stationery: 20..11

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