Minutes Wed 22 Jan 1834

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Wed 22 Jan 1834


Special General Meeting. Consideration of notice of application by Gloucester & Berkeley Canal Co. to bring in Bill in next session of Parliament to take water from River Froome, among other ways through Stroudwater Navigation below Whitminster Lock for supplying their canal, place of intended works and various letters from Proprietors of Navigation. Order made at last Half Yearly General Meeting. to be revoked and annulled.
Company to permit soliciting of intended Bill provided Gloucester & Berkeley Canal Co introduce to Bill clauses and regulations approved by Committee so that their rights and interests be secured and loss, damage and inconvenience to be provided against. Resolutions 15 December 1831 to be confirmed and revived.
Mr William Hambidge of Stroud accepted as surety instead of late Mr Thomas Holbrow for Mr William Purcell for performance of his duty as a servant of the Company jointly with Mr John Holbrow the present surety. New bond jointly and severally in exchange for old bond.

Verbatim text

At a Special General Meeting of the Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Canal Office at Walbridge on Wednesday the 22^nd of January 1834
Tho^s Croome Esq^r in the Chair.
The late Notice of the intended new Application by the Gloucester and Berkeley Canal Company in the nest Session of Parliament for leave to bring in a Bill to take Water from the River Froome (amongst other ways) through the Stroudwater Navigation below the Whitminster Lock for supplying their Canal with Water was taken into Consideration and the Gloucester and Berkeley Canal Company being desirous of being permitted to take the Supply of Water by the above means as the least expensive and most conveniend mode to them and the place of the intended Works for carrying the same into effect being submitted to this Meeting and various Letters from sundry Proprietors of the Navigation having been read,
Ordered that the Order made at the last General Half Yearly meeting of the Proprietors of this Navigation held on the 32^rd day of October last respecting the Supply of Water to the Gloucester and Berkeley Canal from the River Froome through the Stroudwater Navigation be revoked and annulled.
And it is further Ordered that the Company do permit the soliciting of the said intended Bill by the said Gloucester and Berkeley Canal Company and their obtaining Power thereby to take a Supply of Water through the Navigation at some place below the Whitminster Lock Provided that the said Gloucester and Berkeley Canal Company shall introduce into the said Bill such Clauses and Regulations respecting the same as shall be required and approved of by the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation and so as the Rights and Interests of this Navigation be secured and Loss Damage and Inconvenience to this Company from the same be provided against as far as may be in the Judgement of the Committee of this Navigation.
Ordered further that the Resolution of the Proprietors of this Navigation at a Special General Meeting held on the 15^th day of December 1831 on the Subject of the then intended Application to Parliament for the same purpose be confirmed and viewed as though the same were here repeated.
Ordered that M^r William Hambidge of Stroud be accepted as a Surety (instead of the late M^r Thomas Holbrow) for the Part of M^r William Purcell for the Performance of his Duty as one of the Servants to this Company jointly with M^r John Holbrow the present Surety and that a new Bond be executed by them as his Securities jointly and severally in exchange for the Old Bond.

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