Minutes Wed 17 Sep 1834

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Wed 17 Sep 1834


Book to be kept by storekeeper containing account of articles in store and time when given out again. Book to be produced to Committee at monthly meeting.
Tradesmen to furnish monthly bills.
Request of Richard Parker & Co. to have three months running account for tonnage agreed.
Mr Hawker stopped leaks in canal near the Ryeford, as requested by Messrs Maclean and Stephens.
Road to be raised over the Ryeford Bridges. Messrs Maclean and Stephens to be allowed 20s per annum for keeping road repaired.
Mr Croome, Mr H Croome, Mr Cosham to inspect cottages at Dudbridge occupied by Nurse and Guy and if they deem it necessary arrange the erection of brewhouses there.
Committee to recommend next genaral meeting to present £10 to R Cork for his exertions and expenses incurred in publications respecting railroads and canals.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Walbridge on Wednesday the 17^th Sep^t 1834
Present: D^r Darke, M^r P H Fisher, M^r Cosham, M^r Wyatt, M^r S Fisher, M^r Croome, M^r Wathen, M^r T C Croome.
Examined the Books and Accounts of the Company.
M^r Fisher produced the New Bond signed by William Purcell (one of the Company's Clerks) and his Sureties Mess^rs John Holbrow & Willam Trowbridge.
Ordered that the following accounts be paid, viz:
W^m Price for Iron Castings, 4^£..18^s..9^d
James Butt for Ironmongery, 7..3..10
John Dymock for Timber, 104:3:5
R^d Bushell (Smith) 30:6:8
Ordered that a Book be kept by the Storekeeper, wherein shall be entered all account of all articles being in store - and the time when given out again; that the Book be produced to the Committee at every monthly meeting, corrected to that day, and verified by the signature of the Storekeeper.
Ordered that Tradesmen who supply any article or do any work for this Company be directed to furnish monthly Bill of the same.
Ordered that the request of R^d Parker & C^o to have a three months Running Account for Tonage allowed them be agreed to.
M^r Hawker reported that he had stopped the Leaks in the Canal near the Ryeford, in conformity with the request of Mess^rs Mackean & Stephens by their letter of the 23^d Aug^t last.
Also Ordered that the road be raised as requested by them in the same letter. And that they be requested to continue to repair the road over the Ryeford Bridge & be allowed 20^s per Ann. for do doing, as heretofore.
Ordered that M^r Croome, M^R T C Croome ^ M^r Cosham do inspect the Cottages at Dudbridge occupied by Nurse & Guy, and do order the Erection of a Brewhouse thereto, if they shall be of opinion the same be necessary or proper to be done.
Ordered that it be recommended to the next General half yearly meeting to present the Sum of Ten pound M^r R Cort for his able Exertions and expences incurred in his publications respecting Rail, road, and Canals.

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