Minutes Mon 27 May 1844

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Mon 27 May 1844


Annual inspection on the Company Boat.
Lock gates at Foundry to be repaired.
Double Lock gates to be breasted.
Bridge at Davis’s to be repaired.
Bridge at Stonehouse Farm in dangerous state. Subcommittee to ascertain Canal liability.
Piling of Blunder Lock, Top Lock and Eastington Lock to be put in proper repair.
J Clark to pay for patch at Garden Ground occupied by him. 1s per annum for rent.
Garden at Bristol Road wharf to be divided. Portion to be fenced off at expense of George Perry. Materials from Company. Rent for it and cottage £5 per annum.
Mrs Critchley allowed 10s to repair oven.
Iron posts and chains to be erected at aqueduct on side of brook where it runs under canal.
Security required of new surveyor £150.
Swing bridge at Mr King’s mill at Ryeford to be repaired.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held on board the Company's Boat on Monday May 27th 1844
Present: M^r Fryer, M^r Wood, M^r Gurney, M^r Watts, M^r Holbrow Chairman, M^r Beard, M^r Martin.
Ordered that the Lock Gates at the Foundry be repaired.
Ordered that the Double Lock Gates be breasted.
Ordered that the Bridge at M^r Davis's be repaired.
The Bridge at Stonehouse Farm being in a dangerous stated it is requested that Mess^rs Wood, Fryer & Gurney as a Sub Committee do ascertain whether the Canal Company are liable to repair it and act accordingly.
The Piling at the Blunder Lock, Top Lock and Eastington Lock should be put in proper repair.
That J Clark do pay for the patch of Garden Ground now occupied by him one shilling per annum for rent from Ladyday next.
Ordered that the Garden at Bristol Road Wharf be divided and that a portion of it be allowed to be fenced off at the expense of George Perry, the Canal Company finding the Materials and that he do pay rent for it and the Cottage of £5 per an from Lady day last, with an allowance of 2 months rent being deducted therefrom, the rent to be paid quarterly.
Ordered that M^rs Critchley be allowed Ten Shillings to repair the oven.
Ordered that Iron Posts and Chains be erected at the Aqueduct on the side of the Brook where it runs under the canal.
That M^r Stanton and M^r Gurney be a Sub Committee for the purpose of treating with the Glocester and Berkeley Canal Company regarding the Clerk at the Junction.
That the Securtiy required of the New Surveyor be £150.
That all Candidates for the situation of Surveyor be mot required to attend personnally before the Committee, but the Committee will have no objection to see them.
Ordered that the Swing Bridge at M^r Kings Mill, Ryeford be reparied.

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