Minutes Wed 18 Feb 1920

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Wed 18 Feb 1920


Damaged wall of highway at Eastington. Mr Bloxam and Mr Margetson to meet Mr Gardom and Col Sinnott on spot 27 February.
No further use of spoil bank on land owned by Capt Bengough.
New bottom gates required at Blunder Lock. Estimates for timber required and necessary preparations. Material for repairs at Pike Lock in hand. Week’s stoppage of Navigation.
Letters from Mr Preston, Chairman of Canal Control Committee and Manager of Berkeley Canal. Decision to obtain estimate for thorough steam dredging of canal from Bomford & Evershed, to lay before Control Committee.
Edward Francis Broderip and Reginald Thomason Gould claimed shares nos.3,13,31,32,33,34,35,38,53,54,67,74,85,148,196, will of Edmund Broderip
Mr Dudbridge produced accounts 1 Sep – 31 Dec 1919. Subsidy from Government. Interim dividend of 20s. Proposal that financial year should begin 1 January to coincide with Accounting periods of Board of Trade Control.

Verbatim text

[1920 Feby] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 18^th day of February 1920 @ 3.20 o'clock pm
Present: Jack Margetson, W R Bloxam, S S Marling, M^m Davies, Philip Jas Evans.
Correspondence with the Clerk of the County Council with reference to the damaged wall of the Highway at Eastington was read and discussed and it was agreed that Mr Bloxam and Mr Margetson should meet Mr Gardom and Co^l Sinnett as desired on the spot Friday the 27^th inst.
A letter from Mr Armitage acting for Capt Bengough had been received and it was decided not to make further use of the spoil bank on the land referred to.
Mr Snape reported that new bottom gates were absolutely required at "Blunder Lock" and it was resolved to obtain further Estimates for the timber required and make all preparation necessary.
It was also resolved to make some needful repairs to the bottom gates of the "Pike Lock" for which material was in hand and which would necessitate a weeks stoppage of the Navigation.
Letters from Mr Preston, Chairman of the Canal Control Committee and from the Manager of the Berkeley Canal were read and considered and it was decided to obtain an Estimate for the thorough steam dredging of the Canal from Bomford & Evershed to lay before the Control Committee.
William Richard Bloxam of Stroud in the County of Gloucester Solicitor attended under a written authority from Edmund Francis Broderip of Cossington Manor near Bridgewater in the County of Somerset Gentleman and Richard Thomason Gould of Glastonbury in the County of Somerset Gentleman Executors of the Will and Codicil of Edmund Broderip late of Cossington Manor near Bridgewater aforesaid Justice of the Peace formerly a Lieutenant in the 51^st Regimnet Gentleman deceased who died on the 14^th day of December 1918 and who at the time of his death held 15 shares in the Company of the Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation numbered respectively 3, 13, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 38, 54, 55, 67, 74, 85, 148, 196 now standing in the name of the said deceased in the Books of the said Company and made out their claim by producing the tickets or titles to the said fifteen shares and the probate of the Will and Codicil of the said Edmund Broderip the said Will bearing date 6^th May 1912 with the Codicil bearing date the 9^th day of September 1915 and proved by the said Executors in the Principal Probate Registry on the 27^th day of February 1919 and the claim was admitted accordingly and new tickets or titles of the said shares being delivered up.
Mr Dudbridge attended the Committee and produced the accounts for the period from 1^st September to 31^st December 1919 which included the subsidy from the Government and after discussion it was resolved to declare an interim Dividend of 20/- per share less Income Tax.
It was decided to propose at the next Meeting of Committee that the financial year should in future begin January 1^st so as to coincide with the Accounting Periods of the Board of Trade Control.
The tonnage was shown to amount to £341..8..6 to date compared with £277.13..4 a year ago and £433..10..2 in 1914.
The credit balance at the Bank was £319..18..7 against £283..6..4 at same date in 1919 and £453,,7,,11 in 1914,

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