Research Topics

A few ideas for research based on the Stroudwater Online Archive and other readily available sources - with an opportunity for publication. 

Glimpses of Canal Life
For those wishing to confine their studies to information found by a simple search in the Archive, you could try writing a brief note about one of the following topics that have been identified by volunteers working on the project.

  • Damage to lock gates due to vessel impacts;
  • Bursting of the Whitminster aqueduct 1843;
  • Framilode warehouse used by local Benefit Society;
  • How crewmen broke the Bye Laws;
  • Notable drownings;
  • Troubles due to lack of postal deliveries to remote locations;
  • Raising sunken vessels;
  • Issues over local residents using the towpath;
  • Efforts to prevent sewage entering the canal;
  • Concerns about bathing in the canal and the development of bathing stations;
  • Troubles concerning the delivery of stone from Bristol;
  • Difficulties in checking the quantities of cargo carried;
  • Difficulties in collecting the due tolls;
  • Struggles to maintain traffic in the face of railway competition;
  • Efforts to establish new traffic;
  • Misbehaviour of employees;
  • Traffic delays due to third party works;
  • Need for weight limit signs to be placed on all bridges;
  • Accidents involving employees;
  • Management of fishing rights;
  • Troubles with access at Framilode;
  • Problem tenants;
  • The trials and tribulations of Mr Upton's Mudding Machine

A Building Through Time
For those who are also willing to use free online resources (such as Know Your Place, Lloyd George Survey and British History Online), try preparing a brief note about an individual house, lock, bridge, wharf, etc visible from the towpath. Another useful source of information is the British Newspaper Archive, available online at your local library. 

Who Do You Think They Were?
For those who also have access to online family history resources, try writing a brief biography about any identified lock keeper, maintenance man, vessel captain, property tenant, manager etc who is mentioned in the Archive.

Tell Us a Story
Alternatively, try writing a fictional story or poem based on a character or event mentioned in the Archive but using your imagination to add colourful details to a few bare facts.

Publishing Research
We welcome receipt of research notes (quoting sources) for possible publication on the website.