Minutes Mon 3 Nov 1845

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Mon 3 Nov 1845


Special Meeting. As John Gurney and John Stanton had resigned, ordered that a General Meeting be held on 17 November be advertised in two Gloucester papers.

Verbatim text

At a Special Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday the 3rd day of -October- 1845
Present: M^r Jn^o Holbrow, Dan Watts, G H A Beard, Rich^d Martin, W^m Jn^o Wood Chairman, Fred^k Eycott.
Two Letters were read, one from M^r Jn^o Gurney and the other from M^r Jn^o Stanton resigning their Office as Members of the Committee.
Ordered that in consequence of the above resignations the following Advertisement be inserted in the two Glocester papers on Saturday next the 10th Ins^t.
Stroudwater Navigation
Two vacancies having occurred in the Committee of this Navigation, Notice is hereby given that in consequence thereof and in pursuance of the Provisions of the Act or Acts of Incorporation a General Meeting of the Company of Proprietors of this Navigation will be holden at the Committee Room at Wallbridge in the parish of Painswick in the County of Glocester on Monday the 17th day of Nov^r Ins^t at 2 O'Clock in the Afternoon.
By order of the Committee
Cha^s Hawker, Clerk to the Company
Canal Office
Nov 3rd 1845

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