Minutes Fri 24 Oct 1845

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Fri 24 Oct 1845


Half Yearly General Meeting. Tonnage £3430 11s 10d. Balance after wages, etc, £2532 9s 9d. Dividend of £12 10s declared.
Resignation of Mr John Gurney and Mr John Stanton as members of Committee.
Two bye laws of 16 June received the seal of the Company

Verbatim text

At a General Half Yearly Meeting of the Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the committee Room at Wallbridge on Friday the 24th day of October 1845
M^r John Holbrow in the Chair.
The Minutes of the last General Half Yearly Meeting were read and confirmed.
The several Books and Accounts of the Company were produced as directed by Act of Parliament and were examined and confirmed.
It appears that the Sum of £3430..11..10 has been received for Tonnage, etc, from the 31st day of March last to the 30th day of September 1845 a part of which has been applied towards the payment of Wages, Disbursements, etc, and that there remains in the Treasurers hands after paying the last Divident the Sum of £2532..9..9.
Ordered that a Dividend of £12..10..- on each Share be declared.
Two Letters were received one from M^r Jn^o Gurney and one from M^r Jn^o Stanton tendering their resignations as Members of the Committee.
The Two Bye Laws of the 16th day of June received the Seal of the Company.

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