Minutes Mon 5 Jan 1846

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Mon 5 Jan 1846


Special Meeting. Clerk, Mr Hawker, had received notice from Wilts & Gloucester Junction Railway stating desire to cross our canal, coal wharf and other premises stated in schedule requesting 'assenting', 'dissenting' or 'remaining'. He had returned answer 'dissenting'. Committee confirmed answer.
Letter from W O and W Hunt on part of South Wales Railway Co. giving notice of amendment on Bill brought before Parliament in last session and stated in an annexed schedule with a view to crossing our canal and requesting answer. Company 'dissenting' from Bill,

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of a Special Committee held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday Jan^y 5th 1846
Present: M^r Dan Watts, Will^m Fryer, Fred^k Eycott, J H Warman, G H A Beard Chairman, Jn^o Holbrow, Geo Wathen, Hen^y Wyatt, Rich^d Martin, Will^m J Wood.
Our Clerk, M^r Hawker reported that he had received a Notice on the 23rd Ulto from the Wilts and Glocester Junction Railway stating their desire to cross our Canal, Coal Wharf and other premises stated in the Schedule and requesting an answer by teh 26th "assenting", "dissenting" or "remaining neuter" and that he had returned an answer "dissenting" therefrom.
A letter was read dated Dec 1st and received Dec^r 20th rom W O and W Hunt on the part of the "South Wales Railway Company" giving Notice of Amendment in the Bill brought before Parliament in the last Session as stated in an annexed Schedule with a view to crossing our Canal and requesting an answer "assenting", "dissenting" or "remaining neuter".
Ordered that our answer be returned "dissenting" from the Bill.

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