Minutes Mon 15 Dec 1845

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Mon 15 Dec 1845


Estimate by Thomas Spiers for repairs of houses inhabited by George Williams and Chas James at Framilode, £24. Company will pay half if George Williams will pay other half.
George Perry, application for painting, cupboard doors and chimney top.
Joseph Cottle, wharfinger at Dudbridge applied for a mackintosh. Allowed £1 to purchase one.
Tide gates at Framilode to be repaired.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday December 15th 1845
Present: M^r G H A Beard, Dan Watts, Fred Eycott, Jn^o H Warman, Rich^d Martin Chairman, Hen^y Wyatt, Will Fryer, Geo Wathen, Jn^o Holbrow.
The Surveyor reported that nothing had been done in repairing the Fences at Whitminster and Saul Bridges.
Ordered that the same be carried into operation forthwith under protest and that our Solicitor do prepare the same.
An Estimate having been presented by Tho^s Spiers amounting to £24 for the repairs of the Houses inhabited by Geo Williams and Cha^S James at Framilode,
Resolved that in case Geo Williams will pay half the amount of £24 so expended, the Company will pay the other moiety, the work to be done under the direction of our Surveyor.
George Perry having applied to have his house at Bristol Road put in repair by painting and Cupboard doors and a Chimney Top placed on the Chimney,
Ordered that our Surveyor do effect the same.
Joseph Cottle, our Wharfinger at Dudbridge applied for a Mackintosh.
Ordered that he be allowed One pound to purchase the same.
Ordered that the Tide Gates at Framilode be repaired.
Ordered that the following Bills be paid:
Ja^s Sherwood 1 Quar^s Sal^y £20..-..-
Mess^rs Martin for Wine: £7..10..-
M^r Montague Iron: £8..1..-
Repairs of Canal: Jn^o Griffin Coal, 2 bills: -..10^s..8^d
Critchley Horse Hire, 2 bills: -..19..6
James Giles, Masonry: 4..8..3
[Total for repairs] £5..18..5

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