Minutes Mon 11 May 1846

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Mon 11 May 1846


Adjourned Special Meeting. Clause with reference to tonnage of coals carried on South Wales Railway between pit's mouth in Forest of Dean and Glocester. All passengers, goods, cattle, articles and things coal and mineral produce carried on Forest of Dean Railway when purchased by South Wales Railway Co. and extensions between Dean Forest Railway and Stroudwater Canal at a rate per ton per mile, including all charges for wharfage, loading and unloading, tolls and locomotive power, not exceeding those charged on main line of South Wales Railway or any part thereof. Reference to be made to carriage of coal between Brimspill or Lydney and other shipping place, and Gloucester.

Verbatim text

At an adjourned Special Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday May 11th 1846
Present: M^r Jn^o Holbrow, Geo Wathen, Hen^y Wyatt, Dan Watts, W^m Jn^o Wood Chairman.
A Letter was read dated 7th Ins^t addressed to our Solicitor from M^r J B Gregory enclosing a copy of a Clause which had been tendered to Mess^Rs Hunt with reference to the Tonnage of Coals, etc, which may be hereafter carried on the South Wales Railway between the Pit's mouth in the Forest of Dean and Glocester, which Clause was as follows:
That all Passangers, Cattle, Goods, Articles and things Coal and Mineral produce shall be carried on or along the Dean Forest Railway when purchased by the South Wales Railway Company and all extensions thereof on that portion of the said South Wales Railway as lies between such Dean Forest Railway and the Stroudwater Canal at the rate per Ton per Mile including all charges and Wharfage, loading and unloading, tolls and locomotive power not exceeding those which shall be at the same period charged on the main line of the said South Wales Railway or any part thereof.
Ordered that the words "or rented" be introduced into the said Clause after the words "when purchased" in the third line.
Ordered that particular reference be made in the Clause with regard to the Carriage of Coal, etc, between Brimspill or any other shipping place thereabouts and Glocester,. And also between Lydney or any other Shipping place belonging thereto and Glocester.
Another letter was read from M^r J B Gregory of the 9th Ins^t addressed to our Solicitor, enclosing the following letter from Mess^rs W & O Hunt addressed to Mess^rs Gregory Faulkner & C^o:
Dear Sirs, N^o 10 Whitehall 8th May 1846
We have received your proposed Clause on behalf of the Stroudwater Canal Company which we shall be happy to consider and you shall hear from us as early as possible.
Signed W & O Hunt.

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