Minutes Mon 15 Jun 1846

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Mon 15 Jun 1846


Proposed that in future Company to charge 1s 6d per ton at terminal at Wallbridge, 1s per ton on all merchandise passing into T&S Canal and landed below Brimscombe, provided that Thames & Severn Canal Co charge 4½d per ton in addition on all landed between entrance of their canal at Wallbridge and below Brimscombe. No bonus to land any goods on their wharfs. List of tonnages for other locations on Navigation.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday the 15th day of June 1846
Present: M^r Will^m Fryer, Dan^l Watts, Geo Wathen, Jn^o Holbrow, Rich^d Martin Chairman, Fred^k Eycott, Hen^y Wyatt, W^m J Wood, J H Warman.
In consequence of a Negotiation having been commenced with the Thames and Severn Canal Company with reference to the Tonnage charges on Merchandise,
Ordered that the following proposition be submitted to that Company.
That the Stroudwater Navigation Company will in future charge on Merchandise One Shilling and Sixpence per Ton at their terminus at Wallbridge, That a charge of One Shilling per Ton on such Merchandise will be made by this Company on all such passing into the Thames and Severn Canal and landed at Brimscombe, provided that the Thames and Severn Canal Company charge Four pence halfpenny per Ton in addition to the said one shilling on all such landed between the entrance of their Canal at Wallbridge and below Brimscombe. No Bonus to be given or a Drawback to be allowed by either Company to induce any parties whatever to land any Goods or Merchandise on their respective Wharfs.
Ordered that M^r Hawker do communicate in writing the above proposal to M^r Willson and request his reply.
In the event of M^r WIllson acquiescing in the above proposal.
Order'de that the charge of One Shilling and sixpence be made at Wallbridge on Merchandise.
Ordered further that the following Tonnage be charged on Merchandise viz:
At Bristol Road Wharf: 6^d per Ton
Eastington & Chip^m Plat: 6
Ocean: 9
Stonehouse: 9
Ryeford: 1/
Ebley: 1/4
Dudbridge: 1/4
Gas Works: 1/6
Ordered that the following Bills be paid:
Ja^s Sherwood one quarter's Salary: 20^£..-^s..-^d
Jn^o Dymock for Timber: 18..18..6
Sam^l Hadley for Timber: 78..7..-
Hen^y Howell Smiths Work: 22..16..5
C Carpenter & C^o for Beer: 7..4..-
Rev^d J Peters for Eastington Tithes: 5..1..4
J Pilkington for Carriage: -..2..-
J H Yeend for White Lead: -..15..6
Jn^o Andrews Smiths Work: -..1..-
Ja^s Giles Wall Stone: -..10..-
B Bryant for Hair: -..2..6
Fred^k Nurse for Stone and hauling: -..13..4
Will^m Bishop Ironmongery: 3..3..10
Hen^y Dangerfield Ironmongery: 1..11..3
Sam Critchley Sundries: 1..9..4
Oliver Cam Sundries: 3..18..9
J F Coules: -..8..-
J Brummell: -..19..4
[Subtotal] £14..1..4
[Total] 166..8..7

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