Minutes Tue 18 Aug 1846

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Tue 18 Aug 1846


Annual inspection in Company’s Boat.
Garden wall at Dudbridge not yet built and Frederickk Nurse will not build some kind of fence.
Few loads of rubble stone to be put on wharf at Dudbridge behind James Nurse's Counting House.
Gate at lower end of Dudbridge Wharf to be repaired.
Mr Davies met Committee and complained of insecurity of bridge. Wish for new one to be erected. Opening of stone work too narrow for some of trading vessels to pass. To be widened, and bridge repaired.
Mr John King of the Ryeford met Committee, relative to right of road to his mill and also to title of Company to fee of road. Mr Hawker to look through documents.
Lock keeper at Five Locks to have £2 a year for looking after them.
Two new bars to be provided for use of dock. Floor to be repaired and new step ladder provided for upper end of dock.
Lock gates at the Five Locks and Whitminster to be repaired.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held on board the Company's Boat on Tuesday August 18th 1846
Present: M^r Jn^o Holbrow, Geo Wathen, Will^m Fryer, Hen^e Wyatt, J H Warman Chairman, Dan^l Watts, G H A Beard, Rich^d Martin, Fred^k Eycott.
It appears that the Garden Wall at Dudbridge Wharf has not yet been built and Fred^k Nurse will not now undertake to build it. Some kind of Fence is absolutely required to secure the Garden.
Ordered that a few loads of Rubble Stone be put on the Wharf at Dudbridge behind James Nurse's Counting House.
Ordered that the Gate at the lower end of Dudbridge Wharf be repaired forthwith.
M^r Davies met the Committee at the Bridge leading to his premises and complained of the insecurity of that Bridge and expressed a wish that a new one should be erected. At all events some repairs are required and the opening of the Stone Work appears too narrow to admit some of the trading vessels to pass.
Resolved that the opening be widened the first opportunity and that M^r Sherwood be directed to put the Bridge in a thorough state of repair immediately.
M^r Jn^o King of the Ryeford met the Committee relative to the right of Road to his Mill and also as to the Title of the Company to the Fee of that Road, when it was arranged that M^r King should attend the next Committee Meeting on the subject and in the mean time M^r Hawker was directed to look through the Documents belonging to the Company and ascertain if there were any that related thereto.
Ordered that the Lockeeper at the Five Locks be allowed Two pounds a year for looking after them.
Ordered that two new Bars be provided for the use of the Dock. That the floor of the Dock be repaired and hat a new Step Ladder be provided for the upper end of the Dock.
Ordered That M^r Sherwood do get the Lock Gates at the Five Locks and also at Whitminster put in repair as soon as soon as practicable and get them all cleaned.

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