Minutes Mon 21 Sep 1846

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Mon 21 Sep 1846


Mr John King shown deeds of conveyance that showed land belonged to Company.
Mr Wood reported intimation of great neglect by Mr Sherwood in looking after business of canal. Proposed that notice to be given to Mr Sherwood. Proposal by Mr Beard and Mr Watts that Mr Sherwood be reprimanded and retained rejected. Original resolution carried.
Mr Peter King's letter of tonnage on wheat and flour. Tonnage to be same as Messrs Biddle and Bishop. Allowed to export same weight of flour free that he imports of wheat. 1s per ton for surplus of flour exported.
Letter from Mr Robert S Davies. Bridgeway to be widened by taking down wall on north side and widening bridgeway, without injuring opening of bridge.
Crane at Dudbridge Wharf worn out. Enquiries to be made about new one.
Complaint from Mr Thomas Croome on rate of tonnage on bricks. To be same as other merchandise.
Roof of back kitchen to be repaired at the Ship, Wallbridge.
Notice to be given to Thompson to quit house he rents at Stonehouse Wharf.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday Sept 21st 1846
Present: M^r Will^m Fryer, M^r Rich^d Martin, Jn H Warman, Hen^y Wyatt, Dan^l Watts, Geo Wathen, G H A Beard, W^m Jn^o Wood, Jn^o Holbrow Chairman.
In reference to the Resolution of July 20th last relative to an allowance of 2½ per Cent on the Average balance of money in the Bankers hands, M^r Wyatt stated that he would consult his Bankers on the subject and allow what interest they would allow him.
M^r Jn^o King attended with respect to the right of land referred to an Augt 18th and it was clearly proved that such land belonged to the Company by the production of the Deed of Conveyance to the Company.
M^r Sherwood reported that the two bars had been proided for the Dock, but that the floor of the Dock had not been repaired nor the Step ladder made.
M^r Wood reported to the Committee that he had received intimation of great neglect on the part of M^r Sherwood in looking after the business of the Canal.
It was proposed by M^r Wood and seconded by M^r Martin,
That notice according to the Agreement with the Company be given to M^r Sherwood and that his services be dispensed with from that period.
M^r Beard proposed and M^r Watts seconded it,
That M^r Sherwood be reprimanded and retained.
The Original Resolution was carried.
A letter was read from M^r Peter King of Dudbridge relative to the tonnage on Wheat and Flour.
Resolved that his tonnage be charged the same as Mess^rs Biddle & Bishops and that he be allowed to export the same weight of Flour free of tonnage that he imports of Wheat, a balance on which to be calculated half yearly and one shilling per ton for the surplus of Flour exported and that it be retrospective for one month.
A letter was read from M^r Rob^t S Davies relative to the obstruction at the bridge leading to his house.
Ordered that the Bridgeway be widened by taking down the wall on the North side and widening the Bridgeway as far as can be done without injuring the opening of the Bridge, as son as the tides will allow for that purpose.
The Crane at Wallbridge Wharf being worn out, M^r Beard and other Gentlemen of the Committee promised to make enquiries respecting one.
A letter was read from M^r Tho^S C Croome complaining of the rate of Tonnage on Bricks.
Ordered in future that the rate of tonnage on Bricks be charged the same as Merchandise.
Ordered that the next General Half Yearly Meeting be held on friday Oct 23rd at the usual hour and advertised once in each of the Glocester papers.
Ordered that the Roof of the Back Kitchen, etc, be repaired at the Ship, Wallbridge.
Ordered that Notice be given to Thompson to quit the house he rents on Stonehouse Wharf before Michaelmas next.
Ordered that the following Bills be paid:
C Hawker 1 Quar^r Sal due Augt 19th: 25^3..-..-
Jn^o Burbidge 2 mon due Sept 21st: 10..-..-
Ja^s Sherwood 1 Quar due Sept 29th: 20..-..-
J P Brisley Stationery: 7..15..7
Jn^o Ferrabee Castings: 4..9..6
Geo Williams Stone: 16..4.,-
Geo Wathen Bill for Law: 59..4..10
Inspection of Canal: 5..19..8
[Subtotal] 148..13..7
Repairs of Canal: 36..8..-
Total: £185..1..7

Jn^o Dymocks Estate Timber: 3..15..6
J Brewer, a Thong: -..1..-
Jn^o Ayers hauling Timber: -..15..-
Will^m Longney Bricks: 1..6..-
Jn^o Andrews Smiths Work: -..5..-
N S Marling Timber and Iron: 4..5..-
Fred^k Nurse Stone: 4..-..10
Ja^s Sherwood Sundries: 1..1..9
Price & C^o Timber: 6..14..5
O Cam Lime, etc: 3..-..11
Rich^d Bushell Smith's Work: 1..7..1
Hen^y Howell Smith's Work: 4..9..10
Dan^l Hoskins Smith's Work: 3..-..1
G H A Beard: -..8..4
Dan^l Gubv: 1..17..3
One Cheque Repairs of Canal 36..8..-

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