Minutes Tue 24 Mar 1863

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Tue 24 Mar 1863


Maria Franklin claimed shares nos.161,165, will of Benjamin Franklin.
Mr Harris, Mr Hawker and Mr Fisher in London attended discussion of Nailsworth and Stonehouse Railway Bill. Mr Lock, their Counsel, put case of Canal before Committee but preamble of Bill was proved.
Mr Withey, Stroud Gas Company, claimed facility for exporting surplus coke would cause increased consumption of coal locally but the probable amount exported inconsiderable. In future allowed to send coke from works down canal free of tonnage.
From 1 April charge for the Dry Dock at Chippenham Platt to be reduced from 2s 6d to 1s 6d.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Tuesday the 24^th day of March 1863
Present: M^r J H Warman, M^r G H A Beard Chairman, C Hawker, C Hooper, H Harris.
M^r N A Partridge Clerk of the Stroudwater Navigation attended on behalf of Maria Franklin of Coopers Hill in the Parish of Painswick in the County of Gloucster Widow & Sole Executrix under the Will of Benjamin Franklin of Coopers Hill aforesaid deceased and made out the Claim of said Maria Franklin to Two Shares numbered respectively 161 & 165 of the Undertaking of the Stroudwater Navigation lately belonging to and now standing in the name of the said B Franklin deceased in the books of the said Company of Proprietors by producing the Probate of the Will of the said B Franklin deceased bearing date the 9^th day of March 1861 and proved in the District Registry of her Majesty's Court of Probate at Gloucester on the 15^th day of January 1863 and also producing the Tickets or Titles of the said Shares and the Claim was admitted accordingly and new Tickets ordered to be made out.
M^r Harris reported that M^r Hawker, M^r C H Fisher and M^r Kearsey attended with himself in London on the discussion of the Nailsworth and Stonehouse Railway Bill -- that the Case of the Counsel had been put before the Committee with all the Evidence that could be brought to bear upon it by M^r Lock their Counsel, but after three days hearing the Committee decided that the Preamble of the Bill was proved. M^r Harris also produced the Parliamentary Agents Bill amounting to £168..5..7 and his own charges amounting to £54 but in as much as some of the travelling expenses could not yet be correctly ascertained It was resolved that a Cheque given to M^r Harris of £240 on account of the expenses of opposition by the Company and that the final settlement of accounts be left till the next Meeting.
M^r Withey attended from the Stroud Gas Company and represented that a facility for exporting their supplies of Coke would tend to an increased consumption of coal in the neighbourhood and as the probable amount exported would be inconsiderable,
Resolved that in future the Company be allowed to send Coke from their works down the Canal free of Tonnage.
Ordered that the General Half Yearly Meeting be held on Tuesday 21^st April at Two o'clock and the Clerk give the usual Notices and that the Meeting of the Committee be held on the same day at 12.30 o'clock.
Ordered that from and after the 1^st April next the charge for the Dry Dock at Chippenham Plat be 1^s/6^d per day instead of 2^s/6^d as heretofore.
Ordered that the following Bills be paid: £ s d
N A Partridge Quarter's Salary due 25^th: 30..0..0
N Driver Quarter's Salary due 25^th: 20..0..0
J Burbidge Quarter's Salary due 20^th: 15..0..0
E Cooper ½ year Salary due 25^th: 7,,17,,6
J Hewlett Plumber: 16..18..0
H Harris Law Charges: 2..1..4
J H Yeend Cement: 1..14..6
W Hobbs Smith's Work: 1..3..8
J Brummell & Sons Twine: 0..18..6
J George Use of Pump: 0..7..6
Executors of late J Liddiatt: 2..4..6
H Howell Smith's Work: 16..14..0
O Cam Masonry: 23..15..0
R^d Williams Stone: 10..13..10
R^d Brewer Smith's Work: 3,,6,,4
J Andrews Smith's Work: 0..5..3
H Harris on account of Parliamentary Expenses: 240..0..0
Sub Committee expenses in London: 11..12..8

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