Minutes Mon 9 Mar 1863

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Mon 9 Mar 1863


Adjourned Special General Meeting.
Resolved that considering serious injury likely to arise to Canal Proprietors from passing of proposed Bill for a railway from Nailsworth to Stonehouse, it is desirable to oppose same. General injury to canal, particular injury to Stonehouse Wharf. Great Western Railway already opposed. Opposition to be conducted as economically as possible.

Verbatim text

At an adjourned Special General Meeting of the Company of Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation held at the Committee Room at Wallbridge on Monday the 9^th day of March 1863 to take into consideration the subject of the proposed Line of Railway from Stonehouse to Nailsworth and for general business
Present: M^r Tho^s Marling, M^r T M Croome, J H Warman, G H A Beard, F Eycott, F S Thornton, H Harris, R^d Lacey, S Phipps, C Hawker, J T Fisher Jr, C H Fisher, E Burgh, P H Fisher, T T Tyers, J S Fisher, E C Little, W W Kearsey, S S Marling, J A Cooke.
Mr S Marling in the Chair.
Moved by M^r Kearsey & seconded by M^r Charles Hawkings Fisher and Resolved that considering the serious injury likely to arise to the Canal Proprietors from the passing of the proposed Bill for a Railway from Nailsworth to Stonehouse it is desirable to oppose the same.
Moved by M^r Kearsey & seconded by M^r Warman and Resolved that the Petition already prsented as an independent opposition, so far as appearing and stating the Case of the Company, and supporting it by the Evidence of Officers and others, to shew the general injury to the Canal, and the particular injury at Stonehouse Wharf, relying that the Great Western Railway Company, who are on their own account opponents, will (?) un the opposition by maps and Engineering Evidence, etc.
Moved by M^r Charles H Fisher and seconded by M^r Warman and Resolved that the opposition be conducted as Economically as will be consistent with its Effectiveness, and that M^r Charles Hawker, M^r Charles Hawkins Fisher, M^r Henry Hooper Wilton, M^r Kearsey and M^r Warman, or any three of them, be a Committee to attend in London to superintend the opposition and proceedings in Pariliament, at the Expence of the Company, with power to deal in their discretion with circumstances upon which there may not be time to obtain the opinion of a general Meeting as they may arise.

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