Minutes Wed 24 Oct 1906

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Wed 24 Oct 1906


Company’s claim for dilapidations at Wharf House, Stonehouse to be paid.
Weighbridge at Stonehouse Wharf fixed. Cost £46 5s paid for out of Reserve Fund. £5 per annum, additional rent to be paid by Messrs Dickinson, Prosser & Cox for weighbridge to be transferred to Reserve Fund until £46 5s replaced.
Clerk to purchase necessary timber for pair of bottom gates at Top Lock at Eastington.
Charge of 9d per 1000 gallons to be made to Stonehouse Brick & Tile Co for water pumped from canal to tank at their works.

Verbatim text

[1906 October] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 24^th day of October 1906 @ 4.15pm
Present: Mr H Hamilton Mills Chairman, Mr Philip J Evans, Mr F A Little, Mr C H Hooper, Mr A J M Ball, Mr W J Stanton, Mr W Davies, Mr E P Little
Mr Whittingham, Solicitor, in attendance.
[Books, etc] The various accounts, Books and Vouchers signed by the Auditor and certified to be correct were produced and passed.
[Treasurer] The Treasurers Book was examined and signed by the Chairman.
[Mr Critchley Wharf House Stonehouse] The Solicitor reported that he had head from Mr Witchell, Solicitor to the late Mr Critchley's Executors, that the Company's claim for dilapidations at the Wharf House, Stonehouse would be paid.
[Weighbridge Stonehouse] The Clerk reported that the Weighbridge on Stonehouse Wharf had been fixed.
[Weighbridge Stonehouse Reserve Fund]
It was resolved that the cost of the Weighbridge - £46..5..0 - be paid for out of the 'Reserve Fund' and tha t£5..- pre annum the additional rent agreed to be paid by Messrs Dickinson Prosser & Cox in respect of the Weighbridge be transferred by half-yearly payments to the 'Reserve Fund' until such sum of £46..5..0 is replaced.
[Timber Top Lock Eastington] Authority was given to the Clerk to purchase the necessary timber for a pair of bottom gates to be fixed at the Top Lock at Eastington.
[Stonehouse Brick & Tile C^o] It was resolved to charge 9^d per 1000 gallons be made to the Stonehouse Brick & Tile C^o Ltd for the water they had pumped from the Canal to the tank at their works.

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