Minutes Wed 19 Sep 1906

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Wed 19 Sep 1906


Liability of late Mr Critchley’s executors for repairs to Wharf House at Stonehouse referred to solicitor.
Lease of Wharf House, Stonehouse to Dickinson, Prosser & Cox sealed. New weighbridge for Stonehouse Wharf delivered.
Money owed by Mr Harding and Mr Vick has been paid.
Clerk to write off balance of Mr Potter’s rent.
Repairs referred to in Inspection Committee reports carried out.
Midland Railway Co to repair wall and gate at Stonehouse Wharf. Permission to Midland Railway Co to make gateway in their fence at Stonehouse Wharf to give access to weighing machine.

Verbatim text

[1906 Sept] Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 19^th day of September 1906 @ 4.15 pm
Present: Mr H Hamilton Mills, Chairman, Mr F A Little, Sir W H Marling Bart, Mr W Davies, Mr W J Stanton, Mr E P Little, Mr Whittingham, Solicitor in attendance.
[External repairs to Wharf House Stonehouse] The Clerk reported that the question of the liability of the late Mr Critchley's Executors for internal repairs to the Wharf House at Stonehouse had been referred to the Solicitor who was in communication with Mr Witchell, Solicitor to the Executors.
[Lease Wharf House Stonehouse] The Lease of the Wharf House, Stonehouse, to Messrs Dickinson Prosser & Cox was ordered to be sealed, and the seal was accordingly affixed thereto.
[Weighbridge Stonehouse Wharf] The Clerk reported that the new Weighbridge for Stonehouse Wharf had been delivered, and the work of fixing had been commenced.
[Mr Harding and Mr Vick] He also reported that Mr Harding had paid 10^s/- & Mr Vick 2/6 referred to in the minutes of the last meeting on application being made to them by the Solicitor.
[R Potters rent] The Clerk was instructed to write off the sum of 15^s/11^d, the balance of R Potter's rent, it being irrecoverable.
[Inspection Committees Report] It was reported that the various repairs referred to in the Inspection Committee's Reports had been carried out.
[Mid Ry C^o re Wall at Stonehouse] It was also reported that the Midland Railway Company had agreed to repair the wall and gate belonging to them at Stonehouse Wharf.
[Mid R C^o re gateway at Stonehouse Wharf] It was resolved to give Permission to the Midland Railway Company to make a gateway in their fence at Stonehouse Wharf in order to give access to the Weighing Machine.
[Committee Meeting & General Half Yearly Meeting] Ordered that the next Committee Meeting be held on Wednesday the 24^th October next @ 4.15pm and the General Half Yearly Meeting on the same day at 4.45pm.

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