Minutes Wed 19 Nov 1947

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Wed 19 Nov 1947


No quorum.
Saul and Walk Bridges. Communication with Ministry of Transport and County Council.
Dockhouse at Eastington. Mr Hopson’s estimate £6.2.6 for fixing grate accepted.
Cottages at Framilode. Mr Peachey’s offer of £400 for two cottages accepted, not to include small piece of garden ground on other side of canal.
Bristol Road Wharf. Cottages. Mr Hopson to repair windows and guttering.
Saul and Walk Bridges. Mr Hopson to replace worn deck planks and obtain licence for materials.
Junction Office. New clerk. Sharpness New Docks Co. had appointed Richard Warner in place of George Holder, retired.
Stroud Gas Light & Coke Co. New pipe in towing path. Permission granted.
Lockhouse at Framilode. Repairs. Lean to and roof. Estimate from Samuel Bradley & Son £9.3.6 accepted.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 19^th day of November 1947 at 3 o'clock pm
Present R R S Bloxam, R J C Little.
There being only two Members of the Committee present there was no quorum but there being some matters requiring immediate attention it was decided to proceed with them subject to confirmation by the next Committee.
Canal Bridges - Saul and Walk Bridge
In accordance with the Minute of the last Meeting a letter had been sent to the Ministry of Transport. The Chairman read the Ministry's reply; after discussion the Committee decided to communicate further with the County Council; the Chairman undertook to settle a letter.
Tree across the Canal at Ryeford - M^r Pearce
Nothing to report.
Saul Bridge Sir Lionel E Darrell Saul Parish Council
Reported that no reply had been received to the Navigations letter.
Dockhouse at Eastington - New Grate
M^r Hopson's estimate for £6 2s 6d for fixing a grate at the Dockhouse was accepted.
Cottages at Framilode- Sale
The Committee agreed to accept M^r H F Peachey's offer of £400 for the two cottages not to include the small piece of garden ground on the other side of the Canal.
Bristol Road Wharf Cottages
The Clerk reported that M^r Hopson had been instructd to carry out repairs to windows and guttering. The Clerks action was approved.
Saul and Walk Bridges-Repair
The Clerk reported that M^r Hopson had been instructed to replace worn deck planks and to obtain the necessary Licence for the materials required to carry out the work.
Junction Office-New Clerk
The Clerk reported that the Sharpness New Docks C^oy had appointed Richard Warner in the place of George Holder retired. To date from the 28^th October 1947; the Committee directed that Holder's salary to the date of his leaving be paid.
Stroud Gas Light and Coke C^o new pipe in Towing path
The Chairman read a letter from the Gas C^oys Superintendant. It was decided to reply granting permission.
Lock house at Framilode Lean to roof
The estimate of Samuel Bradley & Son amounting to £9 3s 6d was accepted.
July 1^st 1947 to Nov 19^th 1947 nil
July 1^st 1946 to Nov 19^th 1946 nil.
July 1^st 1947 to Nov 19^th 1947 £39 18s 0d
July 1^st 1946 to Nov 19^th 1946 £25 6s 0d.
Cash at Lloyds Bank Ltd, Stroud
November 19^th 1947 In credit £394 10s 4d
November 17^th 1946 £322 9s 11d.
Cheques drawn
Postmaster General (Office Tel £5 3s 11d, Dudbridge Canal Maintenance £6 8s 3d) £11 2s 2d
Stroud UDC Rates (Dudbridge £4 6s 2d,Wallbridge £10 0s 0d) £11 2s 2d
Gloucester UDC (Dockhouse £3 4s 3d, Lockhouse Eastington £3 19s 3d, Framilode £8 0s 6d, Bristol Road £5 12s 4d) £20 6s 4d
E Timbrell Drainage Board Framilode 8s 9d
Stroud RDC Water Rate Eastington 16s 0d
Chalford Garage C^o Canal Maintenance £1 5s 6d
Committee Expenses £2 12s 6d
A E Wyer & Son Repairs Saul Bridge £1 5s 6d.

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