Minutes Wed 22 Oct 1947

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Wed 22 Oct 1947


No quorum.
Saul and Walk Bridges. Elimination. Letter from County Surveyor. Committee to communicate with Ministry of Transport before replying.
Stonehouse Wharf. Mr Spinner-rent. £30 for first year of tenancy, £40 for second, £50 for third. Mr Spinner to pay rates.
Saul Bridge. Saul Parish Council. Letter from Sir Lionel E Darell. Deck planking shortly required. Ironwork needed attention.
Cottage at Framilode. Purchase. Mr Harold F Peachey to be asked to make an offer for the two cottages.
Cottage at Framilode. Mr W J Peachey. Repairs to be carried out. Chimney on cottage next door to be repaired.
Canal. Waste weir at Bristol Road to be repaired.
Towing Path Gates below Eastington. Occupiers of land adjoining towing path had fixed gates to prevent cattle straying. No action.
Intake at Ebley. Sluice gearing repaired.
Bristol Road. Property repairs. Chimneys and roofs on cottages repaired. Window frames and guttering in bad state of repair.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 22^nd day of October 1947 @ 3 o'clock pm
Present W G S Bloxam, G A Morton Ball, R J C Little.
There being only three Members of the Committee present there was no quorum but there being some matters requiring immediate attention it was decided to proceed with them subject to confirmation by the next Committee.
Canal Bridges - Saul and Walk Bridge Elimination
The Chairman read a letter from the County Surveyor respecting the replacement of the Saul and Walk Bridges.
After discussion the Committee decided to communicate with the Ministry of Transport before replying to the County Surveyor; The Chairman undertook to settle the letter.
Tree across the Canal at Ryeford - M^r Pearce
Nothing has been done.
Stonehouse Wharf M^r Spinner - Rent
M^r Spinner attended before the Committee, After discussion it was agreed, to accept £30 rent for the first year, £40 for the second year and £50 rent for the third year of M^r Spinner's tenancy, to date from the 22^nd May 1947. Any rates levied to be paid by M^r Spinner; M^r Spinner expressed his thanks, and agreed to the terms, and conditions, above stated.
Saul Bridge, Saul Parish Council
The Chairman read a letter from Sir Lionel C Darrell. The Clerk reported that some deck planking would shortly be required, and the ironwork needed attention; After discussion the Chairman undertook to settle a reply.
Dockhouse at Eastington - Grate
The Clerk was instructed to obtain, an, estimate from M^r Hopson for a new grate.
Cottage at Framilode - Purchase M^r Harold F Peachey
The Committee directed that M^r Peachy be asked to make the Company an offer for the two cottages.
Cottage at Framilode - Repairs M^r W F Peachey
The Committee authorised the Clerk to have the necessary repairs carried out and at the same time have the chimney on the cottage next door repaired.
Canal - Waste Weir at Bristol Road Repairs
The Clerk reported that the Weir had been repaired.
Towing path - Gates below Eastington
The Clerk reported that occupiers of land adjoining the towing path had fixed the towing path gates to prevent cattle straying. The Committee that no action be taken.
Intake at Ebley
The Clerk reported that the Sluice gearing had been repaired.
Bristol Road Property - Repairs
The Clerk reported that the Chimneys and roofs on the cottages at Bristol Road had been repaired. The Clerk also reported that window frames and guttering were in a bad state of repair. The Clerk was authorized to have the necessary repairs carried out.
Tonnages July1^st 1947 to October 22^nd 1947 nil
July 1^st 1946 to October 22^nd 1946 nil.
July 1^st 1947 to October 22^nd 1947 £37 16s 0d
July 1^st 1946 to October 22^nd 1946 £25 6s 0d.
Cash at Lloyds Bank Ltd Stroud
October 22^nd 1947 In credit £331 13s 5d
October 22^nd 1946 In credit £242 2s 9d.
Cheques drawn Committee expenses £1 12s 6d
James and Owen Stationery 5s 10d
Strachan & Coy Rent 2s 6d
Stroud Gas Coy Gas Office Expenses 1s 6d
Gloucester Corporation Water Rate Framilode £1 9s 2d
Tithe Redemption Eastington £2 4s 8d
G H Spinner Fuel Office Expenses £7 0s 0d
S Hopson Buildings Maintenance (£23 2s 4d + £49 9s0d) £72 9s 0d

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