Minutes Wed 17 Sep 1947

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Wed 17 Sep 1947


No quorum.
Framilode Bridge. Copy of Mr Perry’s report sent to County Surveyor. He presumed matter could be dropped but the Company should anticipate repairs on any other bridge carrying a public road over disused canal.
Stonehouse Wharf. Mr Spinner. Rates and Rent. No appointment made. He could appear before Committee if he wished.
Stroud Laundry Co. Canal at Ebley. Letter from Mr Horsfall.
Stroud Gas Light and Coke Co. Bridge next to Gas Works. Widening on west side. Permission requested to widen bridge next works at Downfield by four feet.

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge onWednesday the 17th day of September 1947 @ 3 o,clock pm
Present W G S Bloxam.
There being only one Member of the Committee present there was no quorum but there being some matters requiring immediate attention it was decided to proceed with them subject to confirmation by the next Committee.
Framilode Bridge - M^r Perry's Report
Reported that a copy of M^r Perry's report had been sent to the County Surveyor. The Chairman read his reply; The County Surveyor presumed the matter could now be dropped, he, however, recommended that the Company should anticipate repairs to any other bridge carrying a public road over a disused canal; The Clerk to enquire of the County Sureyor if he had any particular bridge in mind, and if so, perhaps he would let the Company know which it was.
Tree across the Canal at Ryeford - M^r Pearce
The Clerk reported that he had got in touch with M^r Pearce, per telephone, nothing had been done.
Stonehouse Wharf - M^r Spinner Rent & Rates
The Clerk reported that he had not heard from M^r Spinner as to an appointment. The Clerk to enquire of M^r Spinner particulars of his business, and if the position justified it, he was to make some suggestion to M^r Spinner, and to inform him that he could appear before the Committee if he so desired.
Stroud Laundry Co - M^r Horsfall, Canal at Ebley
The Chairman read a letter from M^r Horsfall. The Clerk was instructed to telephone M^r Horsfall.
Stroud Gas Light & Coke C^oy - Bridge next to the Gas Works - Widening on the West Side
A letter was put in by the Stroud Gas C^oy asking for the Company's permission to widen the bridge next their works at Downfield, by four feet, on the west side thereof. The Clerk was directed to see the Manager of the Company.
July1^st 1947 to September 17^th 1947 nil
July 1^st 2946 to September 17^th 1946 nil.
July 1^st 1946 to September 17^th 1946 £18 18s 0d
July 1^st 1946 to September 17^th 1946 £17 9s 0d.
Cash at Lloyds Bank Ltd, Stroud
September 17^th 1947 In credit £318 7s 0d
September 17th 1946 £ 198 19s 2d.
Cheques drawn
Committee Expenses £1 12s 6d
Wood & Rowe Office fuel £1 17s 8d.

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