Minutes Wed 17 Dec 1947

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Wed 17 Dec 1947


Framilode Cottages sold to M^r Peachey

Verbatim text

Committee Meeting held at Wallbridge on Wednesday the 17^th day of December 1947 at 3 o.clock pm
Present W R S Bloxam R J C Little.
There being only two Members of the Committee present there was no quorum but there being some matters requiring immediate attention it was decided to proceed with them subject to confirmation by the next Committee.
Canal Bridges, Saul and Walk Bridges
The Chairman read a letter from the County Surveyor. After discussion the Chairman undertook to settle a reply.
It was reported that the following Agreements were in hand
J A Spinner, Stroud Metal C^oy and L Bartlett.
Cottages at Framilode, Sale M^r Peachey
In accordance with the Minute of last Meeting M^r Peachey had been informed that his offer of £300 for the two cottages, not including the small piece of garden ground on the other side of the Canal, had been accepted.
London Midland & Scottish Railway C^oy proposed purchase of the Navigations Mud Deposit Tip at Stonehouse
The Chairman read a letter from the Railway Company offering Ten pounds for land coloured red on a plan submitted. The Committee directed that the Railway Company be informed that the Navigation would be willing to sell the strip of land in question but as the Navigation had paid £107 for whole parcel in 1890, and that as the Railway Company wished to purchase about one fifth of it, the Navigation would be prepared to accept £25 provided the Railway Company would pay the Navigation's cost of the Conveyance.
Wharfhouse at Stonehouse, G Palmer tenant
Reported that the tenant of the Wharfhouse at Stonehouse was in arrears with his rent.
Next Meeting
Resolved that the next Meeting be held at the Wallbridge Office on the 20^th day of January 1948 @ 3 0'clock pm and the General Half Yearly Meeting @ 3,30 pm on the same day.
July 1^st to Dec 17^th 1947 nil
July 1^st to Dec 17^th 1946 nil.
July 1^st 1947 to Dec 17^th 1946 £39 18s 0d
July 1^st 1946 to Dec 17^th 1946 £27 8s 0d.
December 17^th 1947 In Credit £343 4s 2d
December 17^th 1946 In Credit £294 15s 9d.
Cheques Drawn
Committee Expenses £1 12s 6d

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