Minutes Fri 6 Jan 1775

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Fri 6 Jan 1775


Directors present are named at the start of meeting report.
Benjamin Grazebrook and Richard Hall to stake out the river from Framilode to the road from Gloucester to Bristol and measure out each person’s land to enquire about value and the amount of land to be purchased at the mouth of the river and that at the most convenient part of the canal be made wide enough to turn a vessel
Benjamin Grazebrook to examine soil to see if it is suitable to make bricks.
Advertised in Gloucester Journal for rough hewn ashlar stone for two lower locks at Framilode.
Advertised for seasoned oak timber and green Elm for the flooring of the lock.
John Gleave of Willoughby, Northants asked to bid for overseeing the puddling and making of banks.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the directors held by Adjournment on the 6^th Day of January 1775 at the George in Stroud.
Present: Will.^m Dallaway Chairman, John Hollings, Will.^m Knight, Thomas Baylis, Joseph Wathen, Thomas White, James Winchcombe, Robert Ellis.
Read the Minutes of the Last Meeting and approved of them.~~~
[agreement with M^r Jones] Read M.^r Yeomans Letter and Resolved to accept of the offer made by M.^r Sam'l Jones. of Boston provided the Wages he proposes of one Guinea and one half per Week is to be understood to include all manner of Expences, and he is to be at his own Charges when sent upon the necessary Business of the Navigation and that the Chairman shall write to M^r Yeoman to that purpose and to engage to pay M^r Sam'l Jones Expences down and to desire his attendance as soon as possible.~~~
[to Stake out the River and Measure the Land] Ordered M^r Grazebrook and M^r Hall to stake out the River from Framiload to the Road from Glocester to Bristol --- And to measure every Persons Land, and to enquire the Value of the Rent thereof, and that some of the Directors do attend the setting out the stakes, and determine the Quantity of Land to be Purchased at the Mouth of the River [Canal to be made wide enough for a Vessell to turn] and that at the most Convenient part, the canal be made Wide enough for a Vessel to Turn.
[to examine Soil for Brick] Order'd that M^r Grazebrook do examine the fittest Soil to make Bricks and gett the best Assistance he can to obtain this Information and make his Report at the next Meeting of the Directors.~~~
[Proposalls advertised for] Ordered that it be Advertised in the Glocester Journal to encourage Proposals to be delivered in Seal'd up to M^r Grazebrook at Stroud or to M^r Hall at Framiload from everyone that is willing to Supply Rough hewn Ashlar Stone fitt for the Building of two lower Locks, to be delivered at Framiload … the Ton.~~~
The directors are to Treat with any Person who has Season'd Oak Timber to Dispose of and also for green Elm Timber for the Flooring of the Locks.~~~
[to write to Jn^o Gleave] Ordered that M^r Grazebrook do answer the Letter of John Gleave of Wiloughby in Northamptonshire to know upon what Terms he will Come to overlook the Puddling and making the Banks and to Aquaint him that we shall expect that he shall send us a Certificate
from some Master under whom he has worked of his Abilities for this Work and he will then here further from us.~~~~
Adjourn'd this Meeting to Thursday the 19^th Instant at 5 o Clock in the Evening at the George in Stroud.~~~

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