Minutes Thu 2 Feb 1775

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Thu 2 Feb 1775


Samuel Jones of Boston, Lincs to build lower lock and to be paid 1 guinea and a half per week. Was told to visit the [Droit]Witch and the Stourport Navigations.
Edward Heel's proposed burning lime at 1 penny a bushel.
Lower Lock stone ordered from Gun Mills. 100, 200 or 300 tons to be ordered and taken to Broad Oak.
Mr Bennett of Coleford to supply timber.

Verbatim text

At a meeting of the Directors held by Adjournment on the 2^d Day of February 1775 at the George at Stroud
Present: Will'm Dallaway, George Hawker, Joseph Wathen, John Hollings, Thomas Baylis, Thomas White, Rich^d Aldridge, Robert Ellis,
[M^r Jones employed] Resolved that M^r Sam^l Jones be employed for the Execution of the Lower Lock at one Guinea and a half per week ~~ that he Imediately go down to the Severn to See its Situation, and that he shall go and visit the Witch and the Stour Port Navigations for his Improvement.
[Lime Proposals Read] Read Edward Heels Proposals for Burning Lime for us, at one Penny per Bushell the Company to find all Materials. ~~ Ordered to be filed.
[Stone Proposals Read] Read M^r Tho"s Pattys (Letter) of Bristol aquainting us that the Contract with John Vaughn Esq^r for Stone delivered by him for Building Bristol Bridge was at 12^s per Ton - 20 Cubical feet to the Ton ~~ but that afterwards being Obliged to raise it themselves it cost at lease 20^s per Ton. Read john Vaughn Esq^r of Court Field for his stone ~~the Liberty of Digging Stone 1/6 per Ton ~~~ Will^m Hawkins Barge man will Deliver it at Brookware at 4/6 per Ton ~~~ at Framiload at 8^s per Ton - 20 Cubical feet to the ton - which is 25^ct weight.
[Proposals for Digging Read] Read the letter of M^r Will^m Heane of Gloucester, offering to Undertake the Digging the Earth out of the Canal at 3^d per Yard the Cubical Yard. Read M^r W^m Lands Letter, offering to take half a Mile of the new Cutt at 3^d per Yard.
[Price of Lands fix'd] Resolved that Rich^d Owen Cambridge Esq^r shall have for the Free Lands we are to Purchase of him Thirty Years Purchase ~~ and that a further alloance of two Years purchase be Paid him in Consideration of the Taxes, ~~ and that the Clerks be empowered to make the like offer to all Proprietors of Land thro which the Canal is to Pass.
[Stone Quarry fix'd] Resolved to have the Stone for Building the Lower Lock at the Quarry near Guns Mill ~~~ and that M^r Hall is to agree in the best manner he can for one, two, or three hundred Ton thereof of those who will let it Cheapest and Likewise
[tonnage for Carriage] to agree for Carriage on the Lowest Terms to Broad Oak at 20 Cubical feet to the Ton, and that our Mason Tho^s Bartlet as soon as he arrives shall be sent over to Raise and Scabble out Stones proper for the Purpose.
[Proposalls for timber accepted] Resolved to accept of M^r Benett of Coleford to supply us with Timber ~~ agreeable to his Proposals at 42^s for 40 Solid Feet of Square Oak ~~ Oak Plank 2 Inches thick at 32^s per hundred Feet ~~ 2½ Inch at 42^s per hundred.
NB the Freight to Framiloade at 6^s per Ton.
[M^r Jones to Lookout Timber] M^r Jones is to go over Imediately to Look out such Timber as shall be wanting for the Lower Lock.
Adjourned this Meeting to Thursday the 16^th February next at 5 o Clock in the afternoon at the George in Stroud.

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