Minutes Thu 6 Apr 1775

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Thu 6 Apr 1775


Ordered a large quantity of barrows and Mr Priddey to engage carpenters and masons for the lock work.
Call of 10% to be made on subcribers.
Day work to be avoided.
Thos Bartlett ordered to stop digging stone in the Forest but stone to be dug from Hampton quarry (Minchinhampton).
Tool book to be kept and every two months the tools to be accounted for.

Verbatim text

At an Adjourned Meeting of the Directors of the Stroud water Navigation held the 6^th Day of April 1775 at the George Inn at Stroud
Present: Timothy Lewis in the Chair, Joseph Wathen, George Hawker, Thomas Baylis, Robert Ellis, John Hollings, Thomas White, Richard Aldridge.
[M^r Hall to go to M^r Yates] Ordered that M^r Hall goes to Hereford and finish the Purchase of M^r Yate's Property on Saturday next.~~
[M^r Wathen to apply to M^r Dallaway] Ordered that M^r Wathen be desired to Apply to M^r Dallaway (if he should not happen to be at the next Meeting) for the Receipts and Disbursements that has passed thro his hands on Account of the Navigation, M^r Grazebrook to be ready with his Account also.~~
[Gleave to send for his men] Ordered that M^r Gleave send a letter for the Men he Intended to send for immediately.~~
[Barrows to be made] Ordered that a Larger Quantity of Barrows be made Imediately.~~
[M^r Priddy to engage the Workmen] Ordered that M^r Lewis writes to M^r Priddy to ingage Carpenters and Masons for the Lock work and to engage a Foreman or Teller and any other necessary directions to forward the work.~~
[a Call for money] Ordered that a call be made of Ten per Cent by Advertisement and Letters to Each Proprietor according to Articles.~~~
[Day work to be avoided] Ordered that Operations respecting the Navigation be by the Surveyor (in all possible cases) by Contracts in Gross avoiding thereby all Day work except where it may be totally unavoidable.~~
[Contract books to be kept] Ordered that a Book or Books and titled Contract Books be kept in which shall be entered all Contracts whatever to be signed by the Contractors, and to Contain what has already been done in that respect from the first setting out of the Buisiness.~~
[Tool book to be kept] Ordered that there be also a Tool Book kept and that every two Months the Tools be looked over and that the Difficiences that may happen and the reason if Possible it can be obtained of such Defficiency.
[Deal planks to be bought] Ordered that a Necessary Quantity of Deal Planks may be imediately purchased.~~
[Bartlett to prepare Stone] Ordered that Tho's Bartlett leave off Digging of Stone in the Forest but to prepare what is already Dug.~~
[a Quarry to be engaged] Ordered that a Quarry be engaged and the Digging of Stone Contracted for from Hampton Quarry.~~
[Stone to be hall'd] Ordered that M^r Hall and M^r Grazebrook gett the Stone from the Forest to Newnham at the best rate they can immediately.~~
[M^r Colborne to Draw up Deeds for Kemmetts and M^r Farmers Lands] Ordered that M^r Colborne draws the Deeds for Kemmetts and M^r Farmers Land to be conveyed to M^r Rich. Aldridge and a trust declared of the same in the Minute book of the Proceedings of the Directors of the Stroud water Navigation.~~
Ordered that this Meeting be Adjourned to Thursday the 20^th of April Instant at the George Inn at Stroud.~~~

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