Minutes Thu 20 Apr 1775

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Thu 20 Apr 1775


John Horwood to be employed as carpenter at 21s each week.
William Lewis employed as bricklayer at 18s each week.
Locks to be 74 feet long and 15ft 2inches wide at the bottom.

Verbatim text

At an Adjourned Meeting of the Directors of the Stroud water Navigation held on this 20^th Day of April at the George in Stroud
Present: Timothy Lewis in y^e Chair, Thomas White, William Knight, Robert Elliss, Joseph Wathen, Richard Aldridge, George Hawker, John Hollings, Thomas Baylis.
[Agreement with Jn^o Horwood] Ordered that John Horwood be employed as Carpenter to the Navigation at the Rate of twenty one Shillings per Week. ~~~
[Agreement with W'm Lewis] Ordered that William Lewis be employed as Bricklayer to the Navigation at the Rate of eighteen Shillings per Week .~~~
[Sise of the Lock]
Ordered that the Lock be 74 feet long in the Chamber; and fifteen feet 2 Inches wide in the Bottom. ~~~
Ordered that M^r Hall take with him the Mason Tho's Bartlett to enquire of M^r Pyrke concerning [to engage for a Quarry] his Quarry, and if proper for the Business of the Navigation to Contract for the Same, or for any other Quarry. ~~~
[money to be paid for Lands] Ordered that M^r Colborne issues money and pays the Purchase Money for Kemmetts Orchard, as well as M^r Farmers Property. ~~~
[to wait on M^r Parry] Ordered that M^r Hall and M^r Grazebrook wait upon M^r Parry to Morrow and tenders to him the price of his Land to the Value of the Quantity that may be wanting for the purpose of the Navigation on M^r Yates's Acc't. ~~~
Ordered that M^r Grazebrook applies to M^r Colborne and that M^r Colborne pays 199^£-9^s-0 to Mr Grazebrook on Account of the Stroud water Navigation. ~~~
Adjourned this Meeting to Wednesday the 3^rd of May at five o Clock in the afternoon at the George in Stroud.

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