Minutes Wed 3 May 1775

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Wed 3 May 1775


Messrs Lane and Jepson appointed as Solicitors.
Mr Dadford to be paid £4 4s for his second survey.
Property should not be entered on ‘until it appears that the same is regularly agree’d for at the perils of the person ordering such entry.’
Mr Clutterbuck to be applied to about his land by Messrs. Colborne, Grazebrook, Arundell and Captain Hawker.

Verbatim text

At an adjourned Meeting ot the Directors of the Stroud Water Navigation held this 3^rd Day of May 1775 at the George Inn at Stroud
Present: Timothy Lewis in y^e Chair, Thomas Baylis, George Hawker, James Winchcombe, Robert Elliss, John Hollings, Richard Aldridge, Joseph Wathen, William Knight, Thomas White.
[Mess^rs Lane & Jeptson be Attorneys employed] Ordered that Mess^rs Lane and Jeptson be our Sollicitors in Regard to any and all Litigations concerning and in carrying the Act of Parliament of the Navigation of the Stroud water into execution and that it be signified to the said Mess^rs Lane and Jeptson accordingly.
[M^r Hall to measure stone] Ordered that M^r Hall measures the stone by the next Meeting (Bartletts).
[ Clerks to Issue no money but at their own Hazard] Ordered that the Clerks issue no Money on Account to any Person working in Gross but at their own Hazard in being over Drawn upon.
[M^r Organ employed] Ordered that M^r Organ be employed as a Day Accomptant and as a Cheque to the Cutters A/c.~~~
[to write to M^r Kemmett] Ordered that M^r Kemmett be wrote to by M^r Colborne to Appoint a time and place finally to settle the Buissness with him.~~~
[M^r Priddys bills to be paid] Ordered that M^r Priddys Bills of Survey prior to his Engagement as a Surveyor to be paid.~~~
[M^r Dadford to be paid] Ordered that M^r Dadford be paid 4^£-4^s-0 for his Second Survey.
[to Apply to M^R Clutterbuck] Ordered that M^r Clutterbuck be Apply'd to about his Land by M^r Colborne, and M^r Grazebrook, and Captain Hawker, & M^r Fream Arundell.
[to enter upon no Land till Agreed for] Ordered that the Property of no person be entered upon untill it appears that the same is regularly Agreed for at the perils of the person ordering such entry.~~~
Ordered that this Meeting be Adjourned to Wednesday the 10^th may Ins't at 5 of the Clock in the afternoon at the George Inn at Stroud

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