Minutes Wed 10 May 1775

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Wed 10 May 1775


Timothy Lewis in the chair.
Mr Clutterbuck’s land to be entered with his verbal leave and the tenant’s (Saunders) consent.
Solicitors to take Opinion on powers of Act of Parliament for making Stroudwater Navigation and Mr Grazebrook to draw up plan showing differences. Mr Lane to propose trying the powers on a feigned issue.
Mr Colborne (treasurer) to pay Grazebrook £200 for the use of the Navigation and that the clerks be ready with their accounts for the inspection of the directors on the 29th May 1775 at the New Inn at Framilode.

Verbatim text

At an adjourned Meeting of the Directors of the Stroud water Navigation held this 10^th Day 0f May at the George Inn at Stroud
Present: Timothy Lewis in y^e Chair, Joseph Wathen, William Knight, John Hollings, Robert Ellis, George Hawker, James Winchcombe, Richard Aldridge, Thomas White, Thomas Baylis.
[Land of M^r Clutterbuck to be entered upon] Ordered That M^r Clutterbuck's Land be entered upon on M^r Clutterbucks verbal leave and the Tenants Consent (Saunders)a nd Agree with at __ per Acre so far as his Interst is Concerned.~~~
[to take M^r Dunnungs Oppinion in respect to the Powers of the Act] Ordered that our Sollicitors do thke M^r Dunnings opinion in respect to the Powers of the Act of Parliament for making the Stroud water Navigation and that they draw up a Case to be transmitted to M^r Dunning accordingly and that M^r Gray procure a Reduced plan with proper Refferences to be anexed to the Case.~~~
[M^r Lane to apply to M^r Stock] Ordered that M^r Lane apply to M^r Stock in regard of trying the Powers of the Act upon a feigned Issue, M^r Stock stateing the Objections of his Clients.~~~
[Money to be paid to the Clerk] Ordered that M^r Colborne Pay two Hundred Pounds to M^r Grazebrook for the Use of the Navigation, and that the Clerks be ready with their Accounts for the Inspection of the Directors on the 24^th of May Instant at 10 of the Clock in the forenoon at the New Inn at Framiload, and this Meeting is Adjourned to the above time and place Accordingly.~~~

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