Minutes Wed 24 May 1775

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Wed 24 May 1775


William Dallaway in the chair.
Opposition to changes refuse trial on feigned issue.
£300 to be paid to Mr Cambridge in London bills to Mr King.
Griffith Cooper of Little Deane to supply nails at 3 1/2p per pound.

Verbatim text

At an Adjourned Meeting of the Directors of the Stroud water Navigation held this 24^th Day of May 1775 at the New Inn at Framiload
Present: William Dallaway in y^e Chair, Thomas White, Timothy Lewis, Thomas Baylis, William Knight, John Hollings, James Winchcombe.
Read the Minutes of the Last Meeting.~~~
[Letter from M^r Lane Read] Read a Letter from Mess^rs Lane and Jepson informing us that M^r Stock in behalf of the Gentlemen in Opposition Refused Trying any Question on the Act of Parliament by a feigned Issue and entirely reject the proposal made on that Head.~~~
[Letter read] Read the Letter to Lord Middleton, M^r Yeoman, & Mess^rs Lane & Jeptson. Read a Letter from M^r Joseph Everatt of Gloucester concerning M^r Kemmetts Land.~~~
[M^r Colborne to pay M^r Everatt] M^r Colborne do pay M^r Everatt of Gloucester, the Principal 100^£ the Interest 34^£-10^s and to M^r Kemmett the remainder to make up the 150£ the Purchase Money, Executing a proper Assignment of the Premises to M^r Rich'd Aldridge.~~~
[to pay M^r Farmer] Ordered that M^r Samuel Farmer of Gloucester shall be paid for his Land and Timber as soon as M^r Colborne as cash.~~~
[to pay M^r Cambridge] Ordered that (?) 300£ Be paid to Rich'd Owen Cambridge Esq'r in Partt of the Land Purchased of him--and that it be paid in London Bills to M^r King.~~~
[Agreement with M^r Davis} Agreed wirh M^r Rich'd Davis as Steward to M^rs Grove and M^rs Heathcote for what Land we shall have Occasion for of theirs at 35 Years Purchase.~~~
[Agreeement with M^r Cooper] Agreed with M^r Cooper of Little Deane for Nailes for the Navigation at three pence halfpenny per Pound for the whole Concern.~~~
[Agreement with M^r Ashbury] Agreed with M^r Ridh'd Ashbury to be Clerk of the Cheque at the Rate of 10^s per week till this Day Month~~~
Adjourned this Meeting to Wednesday the 7^th Day of June Instant at 5 o Clock in the afternoon at the George in Stroud and this Day month at Framiload to Dine~~~

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