Minutes Wed 7 Jun 1775

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Wed 7 Jun 1775


The treasurer pay Benjamin Grazebrook £300.
All the cutting to be done by the next meeting at Framilode.
‘No order to be made on Griffith Cooper’s bill (for stone hauling) until he be talked to about it.’
A third call of 10% be made on subscribers to be paid by 11th August.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting held at Stroud by Adjournment on the 7^th of June 1775
Present: M^r W^m Dallaway, Joseph Wathern, Tho^s Baylis, George Hawker, Richard Aldridge, John Hollings, Tho^s White.
[Bills to be paid]
Ordered to be paid the stone halling Bill: 88 16.
Paid towards the Acc^t to Griff't Cooper: 85-0
to be paid: 3-16
Resolved Resolved that no Order shall be made on Griffitt'h Coopers Bill till he is present And Talked to About it. ~~~
Order'd that M^r W'm Underwoods be paid:8-9.
Order'd that M^r W'm Cowles Bill be paid: 6-1.
Order'd that Jn^o Kemet's & Companys Bill be paid: 1-14.
Order'd that the treasurer do pay M^r Grazebrook's Bill: 300-0.
[The Cutting to be finished] Order'd that all the Cutting shall be finished as far as it can be done (and settled) by next Meeting at Framiloade w^h is this day fortnight .~~~
[ A third Call made of Ten per Cent] Order'd that a third Call of 10 £ per Share be made Upon the Proprietors to be paid in on or before Friday The 11^th of August next- in the same Advertizement
[The General Meeting to be Advertized] The General Meeting of the Commissioners And proprietors by Adjournment is to be on Thursday the 6^th Day of July to be Advertized

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