Minutes Wed 21 Jun 1775

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Wed 21 Jun 1775


‘Mr Pridee shall direct Edward Hinton to make as many bricks as possible.’

Verbatim text

At a Meeting held by Adjournment At the New Inn at Framiloade on the 21^st of June 1775
Present: W^m Dallaway, James Winchcombe, W^m Knight, Tho^s White, Tho^s Baylis, Timothy Lewis, Jn^o Hollings, Richard Aldridge.
Read the Minutes of the last Meeting.
[Bils to be paid] Order'd that M^r Watkins and M^r Jn^o Saunders on Acc^t of Land be paid ~~~50..0
Order'd that M^r Moss be Paid on Acc^t towards Land~~~ 50..0
Order'd that M^r Martin be Paid on Acc^t towards Land ~~~50..0
[Bartlett to produce his Acc^t] Orderd that Tho^s Bartlett to produce his Acc^t clear this day fortnight at Stroud.
[Brick to be made] Order'd that M^r Pridee shall direct Edward Kinton to make as many Bricks as possible.~~~
[Treasurer drawn upon] Order'd M^r Colborn to pay M^r Grazebrook 300..0..
Adjourned this Meeting to this Day fortnight at 4 o Clock in the Afternoon.~~~

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