Minutes Wed 5 Jul 1775

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Wed 5 Jul 1775


Settlement of accounts, paying of bills and paying of salaries.

Verbatim text

At a meeting hold according to above adjournment this 5 of July 1775 at the George Inn at Stroud
Present: Will^m Dallaway, Rich^d Aldridge, Will^m Knight, Rob^t Ellis, Tho^s Baylis, Tim^y Lewis, Jos^h Wathen, John Hollings.
[Acc'ts Examined] Read the Minutes of the last meeting~~
Examined M^r Grazebrook's Acco^t---Balance in his hands... 3..0..11
Examines M^r Colborne the Treasurer's Acco^t and Compared with the Payments to M^r Grazebrook and with the Payments for lands and found it right.
Examined his Acco^t Current for Law charges etc and approved of and ordered to be paid out of the first Call ...70..12..6
[M^r Halls Acc^t Settled] Settled M^r Hall's Acco^t to be Accountable and his Acco^t Currant etc for Lands Bought of him and all Petty Expences by him and for Wages to June 1^st. Ordered that he shall be paid the Balance .... 150..12..0
[Bills to be paid] Ordered to pay the Balance to Griff Cooper except the Ten Guineas for the Quarry …. 6..7..5½
Ordered pay M^. Grazebrook's Bill ...13..9..10
Ordered Edw'd Keen's Bill to be paid … 35..17..10
Ordered to pay M^r Priddy for one Quarters Wages due the 23^rd May … 25..0..0
Ordered to pay M^r Grazebrook's Sallary 1/2 a Year to the 1^st of June ... 25..0..0
Adjourned this Meeting to Thursday the 6 Ins^t at 11 o'Clock in the Morning at the George Inn Stroud.

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