Minutes Thu 6 Jul 1775

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Thu 6 Jul 1775


Two directors replaced.
Clerks to attend all times, and call over men's names twice a day.
Mr Priddy to leave written orders of work to be done.
Mr Grazebrook and Mr Hall to attend three days in every week.
Clerk to pay people alternatively every Saturday night in money.
Clerks have powers to dismiss anyone not obeying their orders.

Verbatim text

At a general Meeting hold by adjournment at the George in Stroud on Thursday the 6 ^th of July 1775,
Read the Minutes of t he General Meeting of the 29^th of December 1774 Received the Treasurer's Acco^t and the General Acco^t of the Navigation.
[Bills to be paid] Ordered to be paid their Acco^t for Hauling of Stone~~
John Hoare: 5..9..2
Peregrine Martin: 8..3..2
James Green: 13..0..7
Will^ m Tippins: 5..16..0
Will^ m Pope: 7..3..2
[Total] £39..12..1.
[Directors chosen] Chosed by Ballott instead of M. John Hawker and M. Will Shurman: Rich^d Bigland Esq^r, Durley Wintle Esq^r To be Directors for the next half Year.
[Clerks to attend on the work constant~]
Ordered that the Clerks do attend constantly all the working Hours ofthe Men upon the Works, and that they call over the Names of those who work by the Day ~ twice every Day ~ That they see the orders of M^r Priddy are duly Executed~~ M^ r Priddy in his Absence to leave Written Orders in a Book of what is to be done which is to be in Possession of the Attending Clerk~~ That M. Grazebrook and M. Hall are to attend upon the Work three days in every week each of them, or after that proportion as they shall agree and find convenient for themselves for the purpose above, and hereafter to be mentioned~~
[to pay the Men weekly] The Clerks to pay the People Alternately every Saturday Night in Money~ The Clerk upon Duty is to Weigh and Measure every thing that is brought in on Acco^t of the Company, and the Clerks to have full Power to turn off and Discharge any person under them that do not obey their Orders.
The General Meeting of the Commissioners to be adjourned to Thursday the 20^th Day of July next ~~ and the Committee of Directors adjourned to the same Day at 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
[ a bill Drawn on y^e Treasurer] Gave on Order on M. Colborne to pay M. Grazebrook Three Hundred Pounds on Acco^t ..... £300..0..0

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