Minutes Mon 7 Aug 1775

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Mon 7 Aug 1775


Special meeting to be called for 24th August to discuss whether or not to apply to Parliament for an amendment to the bill.
Mr Lewis to survey the river to lay before Parliament. Mr Yeoman to be asked to view revised line with view of speaking for it.
Mr Nathaniel Peach to make contact with the members for Bristol, Joseph Martin, Sam Blackchurch, James Whitchard and Sir William Guise.

Verbatim text

At a General Meeting hold by Adjournment at the George Inn Stroud on the 7^th of August 1775
Will^m Dallaway Chairman, Tho^s Baylis, Timothy Lewis, Joseph Wathen, Rich^d Bigland, James Winchcombe, John Hollins, Rich^d Aldridge, Durley Wintle, Rob^t Ellis, George Hawker.
Resolved that an Adjournment be made for a General Meeting of Commissioners and Proprietors to be Advertised in the Glocester Journal for Thursday the 24^th Day of Aug^t at the George in Stroud at 4 o'Clock in the afternoon for Special Purposes: that the Proprietors be wrote to by the Clerks to aquaint them that their assent or dissent will then be required Whether an Application shall be made to Parliament for an Amendment and Improvement of the Act which is found deficient bt the late Trials for carrying the whole Plan into Execution.
Resolved that M^r Lewis do cause a Survey to be made of the River to be laid before the House of Commons & Lords. That M^r Yeoman be apply'd to come down and to go over the Line so as to be enabled to Speak to every Particular thereof.
Resolved that every Proprietor shall make all the Interest they can with with Members and Lords in Parliament.
Ordered M^r Colborne to pay M^r Grazebrook One hundred and Fifty Pounds.
Ordered M^r Colborne to put the One hundred Pounds paid by him to M^r Priddy the 22^nd of July last to the Acco^t of the Company.
The Committee to meet on Thursday the 10^th at 5 o'Clock in the afternoon.
Wrote to M^r Barrow at Glocester
M^r Southwole in London Spring Garden
S^r Will^m Codrington at Dodington
George Augustus Selwyn Chesterfield Street.
That M^r Nath^l Peach be advised to make Interest with the Members for Bristol. Joseph Martin Esq^r, Sam^l Blackwell Esq'r, S^r Will^m Guise Bar^t.

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