Minutes Thu 10 Aug 1775

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Thu 10 Aug 1775


Framilode Lock to be finished but cuts that have begun are to be left in and protected so that they will not be harmed.
A true state of the debts due from the Company for works done, materials and land to be prepared for the next General Meeting.
Application made to a member of Parliament for support.
An exact plan of land to be purchased off Lord Middleton made and sent by William Dallaway to Lord Ducie, who had promised to befriend Lord Middleton.
William Dallaway and Joseph Wathen to ask Duke of Beaufort to look favourably on the Navigation.
Charles Garth and James Sutton, members for Devizes, to be approached for support, Sir Edward Bainton and Sam Marsh for Chippenham and members for Wiltshire all to be approached.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee hold by Adjournment at the George Inn Stroud the 10 Day of August 1775.
William Dallaway Chairman, Joseph Wathen, Thomas White, Durley Wintle, Richard Aldridge ,John Hollings, Thomas Baylis
Resolved that the Lock shall be Finished.
That the Cuts which are begun shall be left in such a manner as not to receive any Injury During the Winter
Resolved that a True State of all the Debts due from the Company for Works done, for Materials, and Lands Bought and what further will be Incurred to save it in the above manner be proposed for the next General Meeting to be hold on this Day Fortnight.
Resolved that an Application is made to the Member of this County to which as many Freeholders Names can be procur'd shall be Obtained to request their Friendly Assistance and Interest in Support of intended Bill when the same is passed into a Law.
Ordered that an Exact Plan be made of his Lands we are to purchase of Lord Middleton to be sent by Will^m Dallaway to Lord Ducie who has promised to use his endeavours to make him a Friend to the Navigation.
Ordered that Will^m Dallaway and Joseph Wathen Esq^r do wait upon his Grace the Duke of Beaufort as soon as he returns into this Country to reguest his Assistance & Interest.
That M^ r Joseph Wathen do use his utmost Interest with Charles Garth and James Sutton Esq^rs, Members for Devizes, Ponruddock, & Ambrose Goddard Esq^r Member for Wiltshire,
Sir Edward Bainton & Sam^l Marsh Esq^rs Members for Chippenham,
Dunning & Isaac Barry Esq^rs Members for Calne and to Lord Shelborne and M^r Fits Moritce.

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