Minutes Thu 4 Jan 1776

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Thu 4 Jan 1776


Mr Simmons engaged to prove that the Severn is not navigable down the river to Framilode for months together, therefore there will be but little water wanting for the canal during that time. This is to be done by Mr Grazebrook.
Defence of encroachment into Carter’s Close, for which written permission was received prior to cutting canal through.
John Gleave to provide evidence that work done after July injunction on Framilode Lock was necessary to secure it against the equinox tides. Lock has cost £1500 to build, and needs £100 to finish it off.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by Adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on Thursday the 4^th of January 1776
Present: Timothy Lewis in y^e Chair, John Hollings, Joseph Wathen, Thomas Baylis, Durley Wintle, Richard Bigland, Robert Ellis.
Read the Minutes of the Last Meeting.
Ordered that M^r Baylis and M^r Hollings be desired to Waite upon M^r White tomorrow at Hampton, attended by M^r Jeptson.
Ordered that M^r Simmons or some other proper Person be engaged to prove that the Severn is not Navigable down the River to Framiload for Months together, therefore there will be but little water wanting for the Canal during that time. ~~ This to be done by M^r Grazebrook.
Ordered that M^r John Gleave may be called upon to Prove as an Evidence that Prior to M^r Purnells Notice of the 19^th of April 1775 Concerning Carters Close, that the said Carters Close was begun Cutting upon the 4^th of April, and that the whole of the Close was cut thro' before the said 19^th of April and all Bottomed except about seven or eight yards wide at the west end thereof.
And the reason for going upon Carters Close at all, was in Consequence of a Letter Rec^d from M^r Parry on the part of Dobyn's Yate Esq^r the Proprietor, as Consenting to the Sale of the said Close to the Proprietors of the Navigation (Vide the Letter) the hand writing to be proved by M^r Jeptson, now in his hands dated March 18^th 1775. this date is prior to begining the work.
Ordered that the General Utility be proved, and Application be made to M^r Cambridge, M^r Caple and M^r Yeoman for that purpose.
Ordered that John Gleave be applyed to, to prove that the money laid out by the Proprietors in the works, after the Injunction granted our of the Exchequer the 22^d of July 1775 … was a precaution to save the Lock Call'd the Framiload Lock upon the Banks of the Severn from being totally Destroyed at the Equinoctial Tides ~~ and the said Lock is now near finished and is thereby sufficient to answer the purpose and will Cost the Proprietors when finished upwards of 1500 pounds, and that about 100^£ will now finish the said Lock.
Ordered that as many of the Evidences before mentioned attend the next meeting, that can be gott for to attend ~~ and that M^r Lane or M^r Jeptson attend every meeting.
Ordered That this Meeting be adjourned to Thursday the 11^th of January Instant 1776 at five o Cock in the afternoon at the George Inn in Stroud.

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