Minutes Thu 28 Dec 1775

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Thu 28 Dec 1775


Mill workers examined from Whitminster Mill and Eastington Mill.
The Navigation will not injure Whitminster Mill - Mrs Wildings Mill is out of the question - they have a weir to carry off the waste water; they draw up their floodgates of a Sunday.
Examined Thomas Lawrence mill man at Whitminster Mill for 8 years. They draw up flash boards of a Sunday. He lived at Eastington Mill 6 years and then they draw up the Sunday’s water and there was a weir.
Mr Stephens land being cut by Mr Kemmett was of great service to the mills in preventing frequent flooding, which stopped the mills.
Clerk to take Minutes of everyone to appear as evidence at the House of Commons.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by Adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on Thursday the 28^th of December 1775
Present: William Dallaway in the Chair, Thomas Baylis, Robert Ellis, Thomas White, Durley Wintle, Richard Aldridge, Joseph Wathen, James Winchcombe.
Read the Minutes of the last Meeting.
Reconsidered the Letter of M^r Brettell Jun^r. Resolbed that no Petition be promoted by the Committee.
Examined M^r William King.
The Navigation will not Injure Witminster Mill.
M^r Wildings Mill is out of the Question ~~ they have a Wear to carry off the Waste Water. in Generall they Draw up their Flood Gates of a Sunday.
To write to M^r George White by M^r Lane.
Examined Tho^s Lawrance Millman, at Witminster Mill, he has been Eight Years Millman there; they draw up the Flash boards of a Sunday. ~~ He lived at Eastington Mill above Six Years, they Drew up the Sundays Water and there was a Wear.
That M^r Stephen's Lands being Cutt by M^r Kemmett was a great Service to the Mills in preventing frequent Floods which Stopt the Mills.
M^r Grazebrook to go with M^r Kemmett to have a Plan of M^r Stephen's Land that has been Cutt by him, and to procure a Person to Speak to it.
To Prove the state of the Flood Gates, and Wears, and Heads William Mayo and M^r Grazebrook to take a View of them.
To proved that the Houses below the Canal will not receive any Damage by it ~~ by M^r Yeoman.
M^r Lane is Desired to send a Bill to M^r White at Tetworth to be properly fill'd up for the Signing of the Proprietors.
Ordered that the Clerk do take Minutes of all the Examinations that have been entered in the Minute Book of Persons to appear as Evidence before the House of Commons.
Adjourn'd this Meeting to Thursday the 4^th Day of January 1776 at five o Clock in the afternoon at the George Inn in Stroud.

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