Minutes Thu 2 May 1776

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Thu 2 May 1776


Joseph Grazebrook, Clerk to company, to convey offer of £60 per acre to John Purnell and if he does not agree to tender him £40 in payment for the land required. Otherwise Severn Commissioners will be asked to sign an order.
Agreed to purchase Mrs Wilding’s house for £60.
Mr Priddey given ¼ of a year notice of dismissal.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by Adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on Thursday the 2^d Day of May 1776
Present: John Hollings, Robert Ellis, Joseph Wathen, Thomas Baylis, Durley Wintle, Fream Arundell, William Knight, Ben^m Grazebrook, Richard Bigland.
Read over the Minutes of the last Meeting.
Nothing yet done in regard to Piling the Lock.
M^r Grazebrook reports that he have remitted to M^r Cambridge £127=0..7..6 being the Ballance ordered at the last Meeting, but no receipt yet rec^d for it.
M^r Knight, M^r Ellis, M^r Hollings, & M^r Grazebrook, report that they met Mess^rs Purnells at Framiload by desire of the last Meeting, but they could not finally settle any thing with them relative to their Lands, their definitive resolution being that they will have 40^s per Acre and 35 Years purchase for their Land.
M^r Grazebrook reports that he have Contracted for 16 Oak trees (according to the order of the last Meeting) to be delivered at Gatcomb at the same price as the former Contract, with the same Man.
Ordered that M^r Grazebrook be desired to View some Oak Timber that is for sale up the Severn, and if proper, Contract for it on the best terms he can.
Ordered that M^r Grazebrook do pay Jos: Peirce & Tho^s Lawrence 21^s Additions to what was ordered them before, in Consequence of their Illness when in London.
Resolved That our Clerk Jos: Grazebrook do wait on M^r John Purnell from the Committee to make him an Offer and Tender for such Lands of his as shall be wanted for the Use of the Navigation at the Rate of 60^£ per Acre. Ordered that if M^r Purnell should not agree to the above Proposal that Jos: Grazebrook do give M^r Purnell the Notice as under ~~ and Keep a Coppy of the same.
Sir, by Order of the Committee of the Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation, I tender you £40 being in part for the Purchase of what Quantity of your Land may be wanting for the Use of the Navigation at the rate of £60 per Acre for the same.
Agreed to Purchase M^rs Wildings House at 60^£ being the Sum M^r Kemmett Offerd it at on Her Acc^t provided She make a good Title, and put the Company in Possession of the same.
Ordered That M^r Grazebrook do Apply to M^r Hall for the Cutters Acc^t relative to the measure of the Land Cut as settled by M^r Priddey.
We do hereby give M^r Priddey one Quarter of a Years Notice from this Day that at the Expiration of that Time he is hereby Discharged from our Service and all agreements and Contracts Subsisting on the Navigation Account.
Ordered if M^r Purnell should not agree to our proposal relative to his Land, M^r Grazebrook is desired to Apply to the Seven Commissioners to Sign an Order for an Advertisement for a Meeting of the Commissioners at the Dwelling house of Thomas Culliss known by the Sign of the New Inn at Framiload on Tuesday the 21^st Day of May at Eleven o Clock in the forenoon.
Adjourn'd this Meeting to Thursday the 9^th Instant at four of the Clock in the afternoon at the George Inn in Stroud.

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