Minutes Thu 25 Apr 1776

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Thu 25 Apr 1776


Richard Owen Cambridge would not discuss his land north of his Mill Pond until a surveyor was appointed and his balance paid from land already purchased. Money is to be paid to Mr Cambridge.
Benjamin Grazebrook to meet with potential contractors (William Wright of Warwick and William Sharrow of North Allerton) about completing the canal.
All locks on canal to have same breadth and bevil as the Lower Lock.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on Thursday the 25 Day of April 1776
Present: Joseph Wathen, Robert Ellis, William Knight, Fream Arundell, John Hollings, Thomas Baylis, Durley Wintle, Timothy Lewis, James Winchcomber, Thomas White, Benj^n Grazebrook.
Read over the Minutes of the last Meeting.
Nothing yet done in regard to Piling the Lock.
Read a Letter from Rich^d Owen Cambridge Esq^r to M^r Grazebrook purporting to deffer his answer in regard to going on the Nroth side of the Mill Pond till a Surveyor is appointed, and the Line of the Navigation fix'd ~~ he desired to have the ballance for his Lands already Contracted for amounting to £120..7..6 remmitted to his Banker in London in Cash imediately.
M^r Grazebrook reported that M^r Bigland and himself had waited on M^r Jn^o Purnell to treat with him for his Land, that M^r Purnell had promised to meet any Gentlemen at Carters Close next Tuesday the 30^th Instant to Settle the Value of such Lands as will be wanted.
Jos: Grazebrook reported that he had been to Compton to M^r Dadford in order to desire his attendance on the Committee this Day, that M^r Dadford's answer was that he was Oblige'd to attend on the Stourport Committee, but that he would be at Stroud on Wednesday the first of May.
Ordered that M^r B: Grazebrook do remit the sum of 120^£..7^s,,6^d to M^r Chields the Banker on M^r Cambridges Account, and that M^r Grazebrook do write to M^r Cambridge informing him of such remittance, desiring his acceptance.
Ordered that M^r Knight, M^r Ellis, M^r Hollings & M^r Grazebrook do meet M^r John Purnell next Tuesday morning at Carters Close to Settle and Contract with him for the Value of his Land.
Read a Letter from M^r Wright of Birmingham making an offer of himself and Partners to execute the whole business of our Navigation, or such parts thereof as may be agreeable to the Proprietors.
Read a Letter from M^r Sharrow of North Allerton offering his Services to undertake to Survey any part of our Navigation that shall be thought proper.
Ordered that M^r Grazebrook do wirte to M^r W^m Sharrow in London refferring him to see the plan at Parliament Street Coffee House or at M^r Needs's and give him some particulars of the Locks, Dams, etc, etc,
Ordered that M^r Grazebrook do also write to M^r W^m Wright at Warwick and send him the Plan and give him a particular description of the intended Locks, Dams, etc.
Ordered that all the Internal Locks shall be made the same bredth at the Top as the Lower Lock and of the same Bevill.
Ordered that the Oak Timber that is imediately wanted for the Locks be Contracted for by M^r Grazebrook as soon as possible.
Adjourned this Meeting to Thursday the 2^d Day of May at five o Clock in the afternoon at the George Inn in Stroud.

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