Minutes Thu 18 Apr 1776

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Thu 18 Apr 1776


Nothing yet done about piling the lock.
Read letters from Mr Glynn and Mr Dadford asking if the Committee would them as surveyor.
Mr Grazebrook ordered to pay John Priddey the balance owing him.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on Thursday the 18^th Day of April 1776
Present: Robert Ellis in the Chair, Fream Arundell, James Winchcombe, Ben^m Grazebrook, Joseph Wathen, Thomas White, Thomas Baylis, Richard Bigland, John Hollings, Durley Wintle.
Read over the Minutes of the Last Meeting. ~~ Jos: Grazebrook reported that M^r Jepson and himself had waited on M^r Jn^o Purnell at Dursley to treat with him for the Value of his Lands necessary for the use of the Navigation; his answer was that he should not come to any agreement for his Land till he had spoke to some person about it, and further said he did not know if the conveyance of the Lands from M^r Yages were executed or not.
M^r Jos: Wathen reported that he had wrote to L^d Middleton, but that no answer to it is yet received.
Nothing yet done in Regard to Piling the Lock.
No answer yet form M^r Cambridge in regard to the Value of his Land on the North side of the River.
No answer yet from Jn^o Bough, Stone Mason of Birmingham.
M^r Grazebrook reported that Jn^o Pashley is now on the Road to Framiload in order to proceed with the Finishing the Carpenters work of the Lower Lock.
M^r Grazebrook also reported that he has been into the Forrest to measure the Stone and that the Persons engaged to deliver it will begin Halling next Monday.
Read a Letter from M^r Jn^o Glyn offerring his Services to Survey the work ~~ deffer'd the Consideration of it to a future Day.
Read a Letter from M^r Thos^s Dadford desiring to know if the Committee are inclined to treat with him to be employ^d as their Surveyor and to desire their Answer.
Ordered that Jos: Grazebrook be sent to M^r Dadford desiring him to Attend the Committee at Stroud next Thursday.
Ordered that M^r Bigland and M^r Grazebrook be desired to waite on M^r John Purnell of Dursley, with our Clerk Joseph Grazebrook, to propose further terms to him in regard to the purchase of his Land necessary for the Navigation.
Adjourn'd this Meeting to Thursday the 25^th Instant at five oClock in the afternoon at the George Inn in Stroud.
Ordered that Jos: Grazebrook do call on M^r Jn^o Priddey and pay him the Ballance of his Acc^t upon his giving a fill Discharge of all Demands on the Stroudwater Navigation.

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