Minutes Thu 16 May 1776

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Thu 16 May 1776


Meeting with Lord Middleton’s steward Mr William Lowe, and Mrs Sophia Colston represented by Richard Bignell, to secure permission to enter and cut the canal on their land.
As a jury could not be immediately summoned for valuing land the Company offered (Mr Purnell) the amount of money he was asking - £52 10s.
William Wright of Warwick attended meeting and stated that he had built 20 locks for the Birmingham Canal. To view line of the canal tommorrow and to state terms for surveying the canal and supervising its building.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by Adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on Thursday 16^th Day of May 1776
Present: Joseph Wathen, Thomas Baylis, Robert Ellis, Benjamin Grazebrook, Durley Wintle, Thomas White.
Read the Minutes of the Last Meeting.
Nothing don in Regard to Piling the Lock.
Ordered that the Call of Ten pounds per Cent entered in the Book of the last Meeting be Posponed to the 10^th of June.
M^r Ellis and M^r B Grazebrook reported that they have attended at Wheatenhurst on Lord Middletons Steward, when an agreement in writing was drawn and Sign'd on the part of the R^t Hon: Lord Middleton by his Steward M^r W^m Lowe, and on the part of M^rs Sophia Colston by Rich^d Bignell, and on behalf of the Committee per M^r Rob^t Ellis and M^r B Grazebrook giving leave to enter upon and Cutt such Lands as may be wanted, and that a Letter be sent to Lord Middleton and M^rs Colston as soon as can be ascertaining the Length, Breadth and Quantity of such Lands as will be wanting for the Use of the Navigation.
Ordered That a Common Seal for the Company be made of Silver as soon as can be, and that M^r Hollings be desired (when he is in Town) to get some design sent down to the Committee for their approbation.
Ordered That as a Jury cannot be imediately summoned for Valueing their Lands between the Proprietors of the Lands and the Company; and that the Lands belonging to M^r Jn^o Purnell of Dursley is directly wanted to proceed with the work, It is therefore agree'd that Jos: Grazebrook do wait on M^r Jn^o Purnell to Inform him that the Company do agree to give him his Price for such Land of his as will be wanted; and that an agreement be entered into and Sign'd and that the Sum of £52..10 be paid for the Purchase of the said Land.
M^r William Wright of Warwick attended the Committee and informed them that he had been employed as a Surveyor on the Birmingham Canal and that he directed the Building of twenty Locks and the other works of the Navigation.
Ordered that M^r Jos: Grazebrook or some other Person do attend with him tomorrow to point out the Line of the Navigation, and that M^r Wright do give an answer to M^r B Grazebrook on what Terms he will Undertake to Survey the Work and give his Whole Time for that Purpose.
Ordered that M^r John Colborne do Pay to Joseph Grazebrook the Sum of two Hundred Pounds on the Navigation Acc^t.
Adjourn'd this Meeting to Thursday the 23^d Instant at four o Clock in the afternoon at the George Inn in Stroud.

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