Minutes Thu 23 May 1776

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Thu 23 May 1776


Mr Partridge paid £82 for his land, and Mr Martin £50 towards the purchase of his.
Design of bridges approved according to Anthony Keck’s proposals. Each bridge to have a span of 26 ft. He wanted ‘a quantity of bricks of special moulds for the sides and crown of the arches intended for the several bridges on the canal.’

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by Adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on Thursday the 23^d Day of May 1776
Present: Thomas Baylis, Thomas White, Durley Wintle, Richard Bigland, Freame Arundell, Benjamin Grazebrook, Anthony Keck.
Read the Minutes of the Last Meeting.
Nothing done in regard to Piling the Lock.
The Call of Ten per Cent postponed to the time directed at the last Meeting.
The Clerk in compliance with the Order of the Last Meeting has wrote to Lord Middleton and M^rs Colston.
M^r Purnell has been waited on, and is Paid fifty Guineas for the full purchase of his Land, being three Quarters of an Acre.
M^r Wright of Warwick was Attended down the Line of the Navigation by the Clerk. he Approved of the proposed ground as laid down in the Plan. Said it would be a good Navigation and easely Effected. he would not enter into Particulars but Promised to Send his Proposals within a Fortnight.
This Morning some of the Committee and their Clerk attended at the George Inn in Wheatenhurst, where they Purchased M^rs Patridges Land for £82. And Paid M^r Martin £50 towards the Purchase of his Land. And talked to M^r Davis about the Purchase of M^rs Groves Land, who will gett the price he having at home a Letter of proper Authority from the Lady's. They are ready to Sell it to the Proprietors.
The Committee Aproves of M^r Kecks proposalls to have a Quantity of Bricks of Special Moulds for the Sides and Crown of the Arches intended for the Several Bridges on the Canal.
And that They Approve of the Bridges to be made according to the Model with a Span of 26 Feet.
Ordered that M^r John Colborne do Pay to Jos: Grazebrook the Sum of one Hundred Pounds on the Navigation Account.
Adjourned this Meeting to Thursday the 30^th Instant at four o Clock in the afternoon at the George Inn in Stroud.


NB This was the first time Anthony Keck had joined a committee meeting since being appointed on 4 April.

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