Minutes Fri 9 Aug 1776

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Fri 9 Aug 1776


Mr Lingard obtained men from Warick and Leicestershire.
Mr Keck to give order for timber to Mr George.
Land to be set out to the Bristol road by Mr Grazebrook and Mr Lingard and cutters set to work.
Then land to be set out to Chippenham Platt and owners contacted.
200,000 more bricks to be contracted for.
A call for 10% to be made on subscribers.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by Adjournment at the New Inn at Framiload on Thursday the 9^th Day of August 1776
Present: Joseph Wathen, Thomas White, Freame Arundell, Robert Ellis, Anthony Keck, Benjamin Grazebrook, Richard Bigland.
Read the Minutes of the Last Meeting.
M^r Grazebrook Reported that he has spoke to M^r Pashley in regard to making a Center for the Bridge at the Tail of the Lock, but had not come to any agreement.
M^r Grazebrook Reported that he had wrote to M^r Wright of Warwick (as Ordered).
M^r Lingard Reported That he has sett some Men to work to rais the Lime Stone, and that it is almost Compleated.
Nothing yet done in regard to the Bill of Scantlings necessary for Locks, etc, as waited for M^r Boughs return from the North.
M^r Lingard Reported that he had been to several places in Warwick and Leicestershire to get some more Cutters, that he engaged with a Considerable number of Men, that some of them are already arrived, and that some more are coming in every Day.
M^r Keck Reported that he had not yet wrote to M^r George but that expected to see him next Monday when he will give him the Order for Deal Baulks, etc.
M^r Grazebrook Reported that he had paid M^r John Priddey his bill.
Read a Letter from M^r John Skinner Stock, desiring that his Bill may be paid amounting to the Sum of £135..2..7 ~~ reffer'd the matter to the consideration of our Treasurer.
Ordered That the Lands be sett out to the Bristol Road by M^r Grazebrook and M^r Lingard, and that the Cutters be imediately sett to work on that business.
Ordered That the Lands be sett out to Chippenham Splatt, and that M^r Bigland, M^r Winchcombe, and M^r Grazebrook be desired to waite on the Proprietors of the Lands to Settle the Value of such Lands as will be wanting for the Navigation.
M^r Keck Reported that he Spoke to M^r Ralph Shuart to supply the Company with Scantling of Oak Timber for the Locks, etc, and that his Terms were, that he would deliver at Framiload the Scantlings of the necessary Timbers at 20^d per foot.
Ordered That M^r Keck be desired to write to M^r Ralph Shuart to desire him to Attend the Meeting of the Committee at Stoud on Thursday the 29^th Instant ~~ to treat with him for the Supply of such Timber as will be wanting.
Ordered that M^r Lingards Bill (for his Journey to the North) amounting to the Sum of £3 be paid.
Ordered a Bill to be drawn on the Treasurer for the Sum of £500 for the use of the Navigation.
Ordered That M^r Lingard do treat with M^r Collins and others for 200,000 or more Bricks, such as are well burnt and fit for the Navigation, on the best terms he can.
Ordered That a Call of Ten per Cent be advertised in the Glocester Journal on Monday the 12^th Instant.
Adjourned this Meeting to Thursday the 22^d Instant at four of the Clock in the afternoon at the George Inn in Stroud.

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