Minutes Thu 22 Aug 1776

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Thu 22 Aug 1776


Mr George’s deal planks rejected as improper for use and returned. Some of Mr Kemmetts timber also unsuitable: cannot give more than 1s 2d per foot for good planks.
John Gleave, James Cocksey, Robert Perry and James Houghton have taken charge of the cutting canal up to Bristol Road.
100,000 bricks purchased from Mr Barnard for 12s per 1000. Advertisement to be placed in Gloucester Journal for bricks and weather stones to be delivered to Bristol Road and Chippenham Platt.
The road in the Forest leading to Blakeney Quarry should be repaired by the company so that stone can be brought to finish the wing walls of Framilode Lock. The owner of the quarry was Mr Lodge.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by Adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on Thursday the 22^d Day of August 1776
Present: James Winchcombe, Thomas Baylis, Robert Ellis, Benjamin Grazebrook, Durley Wintle, John Hollings.
Read the Minutes of the last Meeting.
Ordered the Bill of Mess^rs Ellis & Grazebrook's Expences to the North to be paid.
Ordered That our Clerk do write to M^r Wright expressing that the Committee are of Opinion that he can have no claim to be paid for his Journeys , as they were his own proposalls.
M^r Grazebrook Reports, that the Deal Planks sent from M^r George, were improper for use, and therefore returned.
Ordered That our Clerk do waite on M^r Bigland to know the certain price of the Seal, and if it exceeds five Guineas not to have it Cut.
M^r Grazebrook Reports that the Lands to the Bristol Road are sett out, and the Cutters at work. Masters Names: John Gleaves, James Cocksey, Robert Perry, & James Houghton.
Mess^rs Wathen, Winchcombe & Grazebrook waited on the Rev^d M^r Stephens Yesterday, and he proposed Meeting M^r Grazebrook to Settle the Value of the Lands on Thursday the 29^th Instant.
M^r Lingard Reports, that he has purchased one hundred Thousand Bricks, of M^r Barnard at 12^s per Thousand ~~ and is promised fifty Thousand more. ~~ Ordered a Bill to be drawn for £300.
Ordered That M^r Grazebrook and M^r Lingard do go into the Forrest, and take with them two Men to Repair the Road; and to treat with the Owner of the Blakeney Quarry for Stones by the Ton, to finish the wing walls and Coping for the Lower Lock in any manner they think proper.
M^r Baylis is requested (who will be in Bristol next week) to inform M^r Kemmett that a Considerable Quantity of his Timber is improper for our use, and cannot give but 1/2 per foot for such as shall be approved.
Ordered that an advertisement be inserted in the next Glocester Journal for weather Stones, and hard burnt Bricks, to be delivered at the Bristol Road near Froombridge, and at Chippenham's plat near Eastington Church.
Adjourned this Meeting to Thursday the 29^th Instant at four of the Clock in the afternoon at the George Inn in Stroud.

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