Minutes Thu 24 Oct 1776

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Thu 24 Oct 1776


Thomas Pritchard to be paid 4s per ton for 37 tons of stone transported from Abbey Tintern.
Ordered a culvert to be cut near Moor Street Bridge to drain Saul and Pool field.
Moor Street Bridge to have more gravel covering the arch.
Accounts ordered to be paid.
A call for 10% to be made on subscribers.

Verbatim text

At a Meeting of the Committee held by Adjournment at the George Inn in Stroud on Thursday the 24^th Day of October 1776
Present: James Winchcombe, John Hollings, Joseph Wathen, Durley Wintle, Robert Ellis, Benjamin Grazebrook, Thomas Baylis, Richard Bigland.
Read the Minutes of the last Meeting.
M^r Grazebrook Reported that he and M^r Pashley have examined M^r Linton's TImber, and found it unfit for our Use.
Ordered M^r Grazebrook to pay four Shillings per Ton to Tho^S Pritchard for the Freight of Thirty Seven Tons of Stones from Abbey Tintern Quarry to our Works, M^r Bough having thro' necessity engaged at that Extra price.
M^r Grazebrook Reported that he hath wrote to M^r Sheward mentioning the imperfect State of his Scantlings, but hath received no answer.
M^r Lingard brought a plan of the Lands of M^r Baxter we want to Cut thro' which M^r Grazebrook is desired to send him by next post, very particular explaining the Lands.
M^r Lingard Reported that he hath not seen M^r Beswick, but expects to see him this Week.
Ordered That a Culvert be imediately set about and finished with all possible speed near Moorstreet Bridge to drain Saul & Pool field.
Ordered that M^r Lingard do Agree with the Cutters for the backing of M^r Martins Bridge for the lowest Sum, but not to exceed Ten pound.
Ordered that M^r Lingard do take the earliest opportunity t back up the Sides of Moorstreet Bridge and to cover the Arch with more Gravel.
Ordered that a Bill be drawn in our Treasurer for y^e Sum of Seven hundred pounds.
Ordered a Call of Ten per Cent to be advertised in the next Glocester Journal payable in two months from the date of the Advertisement.
Ordered that M^r Lingard be desired to make Tryal of the several Soils of Clay now thrown out of the Cut, by having it tempered, and Baked at the next kiln we fire.
Ordered that M^r Lingard do imediately apply to M^r Hassell near to Trentham for his terms of making Stock Brick per Thousand explaining the Situation of the Clay, price of Coals, etc, upwards of one Million will be wanted.
Ordered that M^r Grazebrook be desired to treat with M^r Arundell for his Borers, and if can be had for four pence per Lb to purchase them. also to enquire of Mess^rs Lane & Jepson if M^r Stocks Bill are properly sent in.
Ordered that M^r Grazebrookdo pay the following Bills:
M^r W^m Bennett for Timber, Seventy Eight pounds tree shillings & 10^d
M^r Morse for Oak Timber, Eleven pounds one Shilling & six pence.
Mess^rs Lane & Jepson, two Hundred pounds.
M^r Tho^s Howell, twenty Pounds on Acc^t
M^r Ben^m Grazebrook, Eight Pounds Thirteen Shillings & seven pence.
Jos: Grazebrook, his Sallary & Bill of expences, twenty seven pound 13^s/1^d,
M^r John Hollings two Bills, two Pounds one shilling and three pence.
M^r W^m Turners Bill, twenty Eight pound twelve Shillings & 4 pence.
M^r Daniel Hoggs Bill for Sundrys Seventeen Shillings & eleven pence.
Ordered that M^r Lingard do take an Exact Acc^t of the Materials used in the next Bridge that we may be at a Certainty of the whole Expence in erecting it.
Ordered that this Meeting be adjourn'd to Thursday the 7^th Day of November next at four of the Clock in the afternoon at the George Inn in Stroud.

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